Unified Communications

Unify Your Business Communications

Your business phone system can work across all of your devices

Berry's leading business telephone systems can work across multiple devices to ensure your entire communication system is linked up and working together seamlessly.

Berry's range of software and apps connects your main phone system to your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobiles as well as your usual table top handset. These useful applications enable you to:
  • You can easily contact the right personnel by viewing their availability at a glance
  • Route inbound calls in the most efficient way
  • Work more efficiently by being able to use features like click-to-call
  • See more clearly how calls are being handled as you can see all call stats on all devices in one place
  • Link your customer database to not just those in the office, but also those in the field

Berry's Desktop Client - View your phone system on your computer screen

Berry's Ericsson-LG's business phone systems feature a super intuitive desktop application that at a glance allows you to locate numbers in your contact database, click-to-call, determine the presence status of your colleagues, view voicemails and much more. The iPECS UCP desktop application gives you all the great handy features you have come to expect from your smartphone but conveniently located on your desktop. 

Watch our short video to get a better idea of how this office phone system desktop application can help you to work smarter.

Berry's Mobile Client - Use your business mobile to connect to your main phone system

See how Berry's business phone system, the Ericsson-LG iPECS UCP can also work across your company mobile phones. The UCS application for iPhone (Android application also available) means that mobile phones can work through the main phone system, enabling communication between your workforce to be seamless, transparent and cost efficient.