Introducing Team Berry

Berry's team now exceeds 60 people, based in Old Sarum in Salisbury. Berry's core ethos is recognising and developing its workforce to empower them so that they can provide the highest levels of customer service in the industry. 

Directors Profiles

Simon Langford, Berry's Co-owner and Sales Director

Simon Langford, Co-owner & Sales Director

Simon’s career in telecoms began in 1998 when he started out as a telecoms installation engineer. After learning the ropes and discovering his aptitude for business generation, he moved across to a more sales focused role. Working his way up in the industry, Simon made it as Sales Director for another telecoms company. Simon met Paul at their former company and together they created their own business Berry Telecom. Simon now leads the multi award-winning Sales Division of Berry.

Paul Hallam, Berry's Co-owner and Operations Director

Paul Hallam, Co-owner & Operations Director

Paul joined the telecoms industry in 2000 after a successful career in the military. Starting out as a phone system engineer, Paul worked his way up the ranks to become Technical Director at a previous telecoms company. After joining forces with Simon in 2011, Berry was created and the rest they say is history. As Berry’s Operations Director, Paul runs a tight ship – his military career hasn’t been wasted.

Jo-Anne Udy, Berry's Co-owner and Finance Director

Jo-Anne Udy, Co-owner & Finance Director

Jo-Anne joins Berry with a strong retail background, her commercial knowledge and experience has helped her to be a driving force behind Berry's growth. Jo’s focus now is to continue to build a successful, stable and profitable company. Jo’s leadership provides the Board with the strategic vision and ensures the right objectives are set and the appropriate reporting processes are in place.

Andrew Legg

Andrew Legg, Technical Director

Andrew has been with Berry from day one as he was identified as the leading Technical Engineer in the industry. Andrew is one of Berry’s most loyal, hardworking and dedicated employees previously earning himself the title Employee of the Year. It’s this total commitment that saw him promoted to the Board in 2016. Andrew’s technical knowledge of almost 20 years is second to none as is his ambition to deliver the most advanced suite of products for our customers.

Management Profiles

Kat Legg, Berry's Customer Service Manager

Katarena Legg, Customer Service & Network Manager

You won’t find a bigger champion of Berry’s customers. Kat’s main responsibilities are leading the Customer Service and Network Team, overseeing customer’s onboarding process including managing our customer's network set-up (calls and lines) and overseeing all customer communications relating to this including billing. You will find Kat generally on the phone battling with third parties fighting our customer’s corner, all washed down with a glass of wine at the end of the day.

Gemma Allen, Berry's Accounts Manager

Gemma Allen, Accounts Manager

As manager of our Accounts Team, Gemma has the eagle eye for detail. Gemma’s role covers Berry’s financial reporting, compliance and payroll. You will find Gemma busy digging through the detail, chasing payments, chasing staff for expense forms and then heading home to chase after her young family.

Dan Hayes, Berry's Customer Account Manager

Dan Hayes, Account Team Manager

Dan heads up our team of Account Managers. Berry’s Account Managers are generally those that have been with Berry the longest and can provide the greatest levels of value to our customers. They are continuously monitoring our customer’s accounts for more economical or efficient ways for them to be operating. You’ll find Dan on the phone to a customer, usually in the middle of a story about which festival he’s just played at.

Jody Hall, Berry's Telemarketing Manager

Jody Hall, Group Telemarketing Manager

As the esteemed group leader of the Telemarketing Team for both Salisbury & Southampton offices, Jody’s main role is to maximise sales and motivate her team through rewards and incentives. You will find Jody at the front of the room leading dance routines, singing karaoke, coaching her team and stealing your phone for selfies. 

Nick White, Berry's Technical Team Manager

Nick White, Technical Team Manager

Nick was recently promoted to the position of Technical Manager from his previous role as Technical Field Engineer. Nick’s superior technical ability and training has elevated him to leading our Technical Team ensuring each installation goes without a hitch. You’ll find Nick starring at our Technical Support monitors making sure all issues are being dealt with.

Will Cranmer, Account Manager Berry Telecom

Will Cranmer, Account Manager

Will is officially Berry's longest serving staff member (& the nicest guy in the office), what he doesn't know about our phone systems isn't worth knowing. Will works proactively with his customers to make sure that their phone system is the best it can be, using the very latest technology available. You'll find Will stuck to his phone trying to move mountains for customers, or in the staff room on the Berry Play Station.

Lucy Williams, Southampton Telemarketing Manager

Lucy Williams, Southampton Telemarketing Manager

Lucy is an ultimate success story for Berry, initially trained as a Telemarketer, then crowned Telemarketer of the Year for 2 years in a row, then promoted to Team Leader and now she has been again promoted to Southampton Telemarketing Manager. You'll find Lucy passionately giving her all to our new recruits, coaching them through their training programmes.

Tina Harris, Berry Telecom Customer Relationship Manager

Tina Harris, Customer Relationship Manager

Tina has been with Berry for two years, and was recently promoted to the role of Customer Relationship Manager. She's approachable and chatty and likes to get the job done. Tina's main aim is to ensure all Berry customers feel the Berry love and to provide the best service possible.

Craig Ashworth, Berry Telecom Mobile Specialist

Craig Ashworth, Mobile Specialist

Craig joined Berry in 2012 and is now enjoying his 2nd promotion as our Mobile Specialist. Having had 8 valuable years within the mobile industry Craig's knowledge is helping our customers to incorporate their mobile phones into the main Berry phone system. You'll mainly find Craig geeking out on the latest mobile phones, comics and video games.