Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Policy

Our mission in sustainability

Is to grow a business where every employee is proud to be a part of and every customer is proud to be served by. Both customers and staff can feel pride knowing that Berry acknowledge their responsibility to the environment and our community. Berry is taking careful measures to reduce the impacts of its operation and where possible offset any environmental impacts. We are currently actively monitoring our operation so that we can establish some stretch targets view a view to reducing our impacts.

Our sustainability goals

At Berry, we're taking the following steps:
  • Measure the impacts of our current operations
  • Comply with existing relevant regulatory requirements
  • Set targets to help proactively reduce our impacts
  • Ensure environmental implications are considered as part or our growth and diversification strategy
  • Look for ways Berry can positively contribute to the environment and local community
  • Increase staff and customer awareness


  • We are reducing the use of paper in our office and what we send to customers. We have started to use the ESign technology to help us with this.
  • In our Finance department, we have a paperless system and are actively trying to undertake all activities online such as online file storage. Berry’s invoices are emailed instead of printed and posted and we encourage our suppliers to email invoices. Internally, we have file sharing and system authorisation tools so there is no need to print out payment runs and our payslips are also emailed rather than printed. 
  • Seeking alternative packaging options 
  • Where possible use recycled and recyclable paper products
  • To reuse and recycle where possible. 

Energy & Water

  • We will seek to reduce our energy consumption
  • Lights and electrical equipment are switched off when we don’t use them
  • Heating and air conditioning to use more efficient sources as possible

Office Supplies

  • We will evaluate if the purchase is absolutely necessary and if so, try to reduce the environmental impact of the item we purchase
  • We will reuse and recycle items wherever possible


  • Only take trips if absolutely necessary and to use other devices such as email/video phone if possible
  • Promote car sharing to employees
  • Utilise journey planning software to ensure our field sales/engineer teams are directed most efficiently as possible
  • All company vehicles to be as fuel efficient as possible

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • We will use environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible
  • Office materials and furniture to be as environmentally friendly as possible

Our products

We have a range of products that can help your business to become more sustainable

Working along sustainability leaders Ericsson-LG

Berry’s main hardware manufacturer Ericsson-LG have a range of environmental initiatives in place to ensure the environmental impact of its company and phone systems are reduced wherever possible, find out more here.

Enabling Mobile/Home Working

Berry’s range of products feature tools which can help businesses to reduce their carbon footprint by enabling mobile working and reducing the need for travel such as: