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It’s no secret that working remotely has been one of the biggest productivity boosts of the last decade. The number of remote workers in the world has increased by 50% over the past decade, with some people predicting it will continue to rise. A recent study suggests that employees who work from home are 13% more productive than those who work from a physical office.

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In addition, the Covid-19 epidemic has radically altered the manner in which individuals work. Consequently, regular office work could never be the same again. In fact, the extraordinary breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has compelled millions of individuals all over the world to work from home or from other remote locations. This demonstrates just how much remote working is becoming the way of the future in the workplace.

As more companies move towards allowing employees to work remotely, it’s important to figure out how to optimise the situation and make sure remote workers are being as effective as they can be. This means using the best technology for all your communication purposes. 

When it comes to virtual meetings, flexible work arrangements, and unified communication systems, Berry Technologies is your go-to solution provider.

Through our custom and flexible solutions, we deliver cost-effective technology – voice, mobile, and connectivity services – to help your employees and customers work more effectively together. Let’s talk today about how we can do the same for you.

What are the benefits Remote Working technology offer?

Remote working has been around for many years but it’s recently received a lot of attention. It’s no longer just a trend, it’s becoming the new way of life for businesses across the globe. But what are the benefits for employees and employers?

Consolidates communications

Remote technology means that smaller businesses are now able to access the digital tools once available only in larger organisations through unified communications (UC). “UC” tech allows teams to communicate across various platforms and thus creating mobile, virtual teams working on a single project. 

This technology enables greater efficiency and team collaboration in your business via smartphones and tablets. Depending upon the application, it offers immersive video calling and tools for online meetings, making remote work possible today.

Simplify collaboration

There are many opportunities that remote working technology can deliver. For instance, people who are in different locations around the world could take more responsibility for specific projects and tasks individually. This would allow other members of staff to focus on what they do best while they work together collaboratively. 

Sharing information doesn’t just work if you’re working in geographic proximity. It also works when people who might not even know each other cannot meet on a regular basis, or a contractor online with another country’s task force: all will be able to share more efficiently and collaborate more effectively because, for instance, of collaboration tools that allow for live demonstrations.

Think outside the office

Today’s workforce is becoming technology-driven, and you want reliable methods of staying in touch with your team at all times. 

Thanks to unified communications, it is possible to smoothly communicate using the most optimal channel at any given time, regardless of where you are in the world. This will also assist you in meeting employee expectations for additional flexibility in their work schedules.

Break down barriers

For years businesses have been restricted by geography to share information, but with the latest developments in modern tech that isn’t a problem anymore. Remote working is an innovative and growing trend that gives businesses the chance to work creatively from anywhere around the world, potentially unlocking a wealth of new opportunities.

Using this kind of model presents businesses with a powerful new option for sharing files and data between team members for maximum effectiveness and greater productivity.

Free up IT budget

As your business grows bigger every year, you don’t want to eventually run out of money in your IT department. You have quite a lot of crucial expenses to cover. As such, you need to be careful with how you spend your money as a business owner. One of the biggest questions people ask is if a remote work system can help businesses save money. The answer is yes. In fact, a recent study proved that enabling employees to work remotely actually saves companies thousands of pounds per employee!

A guide to enabling effective remote work

Good communication and trust are the foundation of any effective remote team. Remote work presents more opportunities for miscommunication and can lead to misunderstandings that destroy trust between your team members. As a manager, you must ensure that everyone on your team is able to communicate effectively in a remote environment.

Read our guide on how to manage a modern workplace for better productivity.

A platform to unify your business communications

Unified Communication is a platform to unify your business communications. We are in a world that is becoming increasingly connected and communication becomes more critical to the success of an organisation. If you want your business to gain an advantage over your competitors, you need a unified communications system.

UCC is the tool that helps you bring your many communications channels and remote teams into one place so you can focus on what matters: building your business.

A business-grade mobile service

Your remote team needs one thing—a business-grade mobile service. A high-performance, secure and reliable network is the foundation of any successful organization, but it’s especially important for those working remotely. If your team is spread out across the country or around the globe, a solid wireless network solution must be at the core of your business strategy.

Integrated cloud-based phone system

When it comes to remote team management, you know managing the phone system is more than just an annoyance — it’s the kind of hassle that eats away at the time you could be spending creating value with your team.

It takes enormous amounts of time to manage and coordinate a distributed workforce, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on a phone system that doesn’t work for you — or your employees. At Berry Technologies, we want to eliminate all the hassle and complexity by delivering an integrated cloud-based phone system so that you can grow your business without reservation.

Enabling A Remote Workforce today

If you’re a business owner either looking to grow your business or finding ways to keep your business competitive in the marketplace, then you are probably considering a Remote Workforce. Say what you want about it, the truth is that if you’re not already doing it, at some point you will need to develop a remote workforce. The question isn’t IF you should have a Remote Workforce, it’s WHEN.

Moving in this direction does not have to be a complicated process and can create many benefits for your business.

However, creating a remote workforce can be challenging at times. This is why we’ve put together an e-guide, guiding you through the steps of making it work for your company.

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