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Business Phone Systems for the Recruitment Industry

From boutique agencies through to national conglomerates, recruitment agencies, although differing in operation style and aspirations, are all people-centric.

Striving to deliver a great service to clients and candidates alike, any agency will appreciate how key their telecommunications are to the success of their business. The feature rich award winning Ericsson LG iPECs phone system offers a host of features that will support and benefit the recruitment industry.

Key Features of the Ericsson-LG iPECS Systems

Caller Preview

Know whether a client, or a candidate is calling in, before you answer the phone. In smaller offices this means the right agent can pick up the call, and it allows larger teams to still provide the personal touch. Caller preview offers a friendly welcome for the caller, and makes call handling more efficient within a team.

Contact Popping

Have the client’s or candidates details on screen before taking an incoming call. Know who you are speaking to, and have all their information in front of you, for seamless and professional call management. In addition to integration with Arithon, Adapt v11, Bullhorn, Matchmaker, Carerix, RDB ProNet, ITRIS, WinSearch, Tracker RMS, Troy Enterprise, Voyager Professional, Voyager VDQ, we have the ability to integrate with most web based CRMs.

Click to Dial

Makes it possible to dial directly from your database or CRM. Perfect for temp desks when they have to call around to fill a position and are making a lot of calls at once.

Berry's Call Recording

Ideal for agencies that hold telephone interviews as everything is captured, and can be emailed onto other parties where required. Fantastic for staff training, or reviewing how calls are handled.

Mobile Phone App

Run your phone system on your mobile phone

Whether you are in the office, on the go, or working from home, you never have to miss a call. With the UCS mobile app, your phone becomes an extension of the office phone system, so you can transfer calls seamlessly between the mobile and office, call record, and even video conference.

Call Management and Call Reporting

Knowledge is power! Perfect for agencies that have teams who are targeted on the number of calls they make a day. Great to identify which staff are the most proactive when answering calls, and to see peak times for incoming calls to manage staffing appropriately.

See how well your advertising campaigns are working by using dedicated numbers for different channels, then budget accordingly.

Alternatively, have the reports personalised for your business,  so you can retrieve the data that is vital to you.

A recruitment case study - C J Recruitment

Almost 5 years ago Catherine Johnstone (CJ) Recruitment decided to look at options for new office phone systems. CJ’s philosophy is that effective recruitment is centred around people, connecting, communicating and supporting them throughout their recruitment journey – so they needed a phone system that could support this way of thinking.

CJ’s existing system was fast becoming outdated and unmanageable. The system they were using was almost 20 years old and for a modern and progressive company, they needed a solution that was more befitting their needs.

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Our phone systems are suitable for

Employment agencies
Recruitment consultants
Career centres
Life coach and personal development consultants
Job centres
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