What is Follow-me?

What is Follow-me?

What is Follow-me

Find-Me or Follow-Me often work together. Users of the Find-Me service can receive calls at any location while users of the Follow-Me service can be reached at a number of predefined phone numbers.

Using VoIP, you can forward incoming calls to a number of options that you have predetermined. Customers may be assigned a virtual telephone number in certain situations, such as when they use an answering service. Upon dialing a number, the auto answering software will look up a list of predetermined phone numbers and transfer the call to the first selection on the list.

The system will choose the second number on the list if the first is not answered, and so on until the list is exhausted or the call is answered. Similarly, call blasting or twinning can be used in other situations, with the numbers not being tried sequentially but in simultaneity, all choices ringing at the same time.

Follow Me and Find Me do not imply searching for and locating someone, as the techniques’ names suggest. Commonly, they are used to get responses from a group of phones.

When dialed, the virtual number associated with this VIP number must be answered at the earliest opportunity, perhaps in an emergency response scenario in which case the number for the entire group will be ringing simultaneously.

The same strategy could be used in a less critical circumstance, such as a call center, for finding the first available agent by ringing each number in turn.

Follow-me: How it works

With Follow-Me or find-me, all of your phone numbers can be reached by a single call. Follow Me will use all your devices, including your home and office phones, in a consecutive order you define when you receive an incoming call.

Instead of dialing several numbers, the caller dials only one number. The question is, how?

Follow-Me calls the numbers in an orderly manner, so the caller does not get lost in the process of moving from number to number. All lines must be attempted before the call is completed or you must pick up.

Depending on your response, the caller might be redirected to an operator or voicemail if you fail to pick up the phone.

By contacting Berry Telecom, you can update which phone lines Follow Me should route to, remove or rearrange the order of the numbers.

Follow-me: Features

  • Incoming Calls Sent Consecutively to Predetermined List
  • Multiple Phone Numbers Managed at Once
  • Add to Your Existing Voicemail or Live Agent Account
  • Missed Calls Sent Directly to Voicemail

Follow-me: Benefits

The follow-me feature enables you to never miss an important call and to keep connected without missing a beat. It can, however, do much more than simply let you stay connected.

The key benefits of the find me, follow me functionality can really be summarised as follows:

  • Screen and Route All Calls
  • Easily Update Your Availability and Phone Number List
  • Great for On-the-Go Professionals
  • Unanswered Calls Reverted to an Operator or Voicemail
  • Utilise Only One Number
  • Keep Your Numbers Private
  • Enable Your Business to Embrace Mobility

Basically, the goal is just to increase your availability and stay connected – wherever you are. Mobility is really the idea here, and mobility plays a huge part in our lives these days.

Whether you’re running a small business or operating an enterprise firm, chances are you are constantly on the go.

Using the Find-Me or Follow-Me features allows us to connect wherever we are.

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