What is Camp On?

What is Camp On?

What is Camp On?

Camp-on is a feature that enables phone attendants to pick up calls ringing at stations they are attending even when those stations are engaged in another call.

This feature also allows the attendant to place a call on hold and immediately pick up another call from the same station, or from a different station even if the attendant is busy with another call.

Camp-on is a feature similar to call waiting except that the device does not need to listen for a dial tone before forwarding. This eliminates the problem of devices hearing a dial tone before answering.

Any device which has a camp-on can answer a second call even if engaged in another call. Camp-on allows an attendant to answer a first caller while placing the second caller on hold then answering the second caller.

Without camp-on, the second caller would hear dead air as the attendant would not be able to switch between calls.

How camp on works

With Camp-On, you never need to worry about missing a call again. When you are on the phone, your calls will be stacked and held for you till when you can take them, saving time and making your job easier.

Systems that provide a camp-on feature monitor the busy user until the user blocking signal ends, then complete the requested access. This feature permits holding an incoming telephone call until the called party is free.

When your telephone system indicates that you are being camped–on, the calling party is waiting for you to pick up.

What happens when you want to talk to that calling party? The system says to hold. But sometimes you will have to hold the call longer than you desire as the caller leaves your call unattended.

A wait‑on‑hold blocking feature provides a solution. When activated, the calling party’s line is briefly blocked while the system processes the aforementioned incoming call.

When there is no longer a busy signal, the original caller is connected.

Advantages of camp-on telephone system for business

Camp on lets you stay on an active call with your current caller while waiting for another incoming call. For a busy CEO or a go-getting business owner, Camp On allows you to take the second call seamlessly.

Camp-on also lets you answer calls as they arrive without missing any calls. This is especially helpful if a phone is engaged in another call. It also provides the system attendant with the ability to answer all incoming calls. Camp-on is the ability to stay connected to a busy extension.

Camp on helps to provide excellent customer service for businesses. One of the major things a camp on feature does is to enable calls to be transferred to less busy stations. while the call attendant is on a call. After waiting the caller can be transferred to a station less busy.

For business executives and busy or getting CEO, this is a great way to keep customers, as prompt response to customer calls is a great way to keep business running.

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