What is Call Park

What is Call Park

What is Call Park

Call Park is a feature that allows the user to park an incoming call. Call Park can be used as a method of bridging the gap between your customers and your business partners or agents. Call Park allows you to virtually connect with the customer even when the Service Desk staff is busy dealing with other issues by diverting calls to agents through call forwarding.

It also has its own advantage in providing you information about whether the customer left a voicemail instead of relying upon the customer’s reports as a means of tracking messages for service level measurement.

Basically, call parking allows you to set up an in-cloud hold so anyone in your organization may take the call.

How Call Parking Works

Usually, call parking consists of a private network – hosted in the cloud – accessible only to authorized users. Unlike call forwarding, which sends a call to one specific number, call parking allows multiple people to pick up a call. As a result, this works well for companies with shared calling responsibilities, since it distributes calls based on availability.

When on the phone, you can park an incoming call or transfer it to the parked call after picking up the incoming call. If you don’t park your calls, the inbound call will hear a busy signal, will be sent to voicemail, or you can put your current caller on hold while you answer the inbound call. By using call parking, you can redirect incoming calls to someone else on your team, allowing callers to get a faster resolution.

Parking is like being on hold for the caller (though somebody usually answers more quickly than being on traditional hold). If no one answers the parked call, the original caller’s phone line will ring periodically.

Call Parking Features

Among the VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) system features for call centers are call parking. Basically, it is a virtual waiting room or a temporary lobby where customers can wait while you work behind the scenes to set up a successful customer engagement experience.

Call parking enables you to;

  • Park up to 50 calls simultaneously, both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Simply press the Call Park soft key on your desk phone and pass along the parked location to colleagues or departments.
  • Unanswered calls ring back after five minutes, so you can ensure your callers are well attended.

Benefits of call parking

Call parking is beneficial to two parties: the subscribers and businesses. For the subscribers, call parking allows you to screen phone calls, and decide which calls are most urgent. For businesses, call parking offers them a way of shortening the distance between themselves and a potential customer, by using an answering service equipped with a call park.

Basically, call parking has the following advantages;

  • Answer a call in a separate office.
  • Talk to an employee in person.
  • Avoid voicemail dead-ends.
  • It’s more efficient than putting someone on hold

Using Berry Telecom call parking, you can set the duration of the call’s wait in the parking lot and the location if it expires. You can send the call to voicemail, the attendant menu, an external cell phone not listed in the system, or ask the original caller to pick up the call again.

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