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Welcome message

Welcome Message

A feature of the VoIP Phone System that is often overlooked is the welcome message. This could be in the form of chime or music and the main purpose of this message is to let the person know that they have reached the correct extension and there are no numbers to press.

Your free welcome message that will automatically play to your callers when they call into your phone system is a great way to introduce your business and have a professional sounding greeting.

It’s pre-recorded, so there’s nothing to download or set up. Just log in to your account and you’re ready to record and share your message over the phone!

In case people call you in your absence, they can hear your voice and your name which adds a little personal touch for your business. You can use welcome messages at different times to convey different things, but most of the time they are used so that callers know whether you are available or not.

Get the right welcome message for your VoIP phone system with Berry Telecom!

How Does a Welcome Message for Your Voip Phone Work?

Your VoIP phone system welcome message is the first thing callers hear when they call you.

When someone calls you, an automated greeting greets them. In a business setting, a professional, warm introduction can go a long way toward generating the right kind of relationship with a caller or potential client.

It lets everybody know exactly where they have called. Also, it reduces the amount of time wasted by calls from incorrect numbers.

You can convey the right sort of mood with the right voice, perhaps a little music too, and start your relationship off right. You’ll be surprised how much your customers can discover about your business just from these small details.

How Will a Welcome Message Benefit Your Business Communication?

Among the most essential elements of a professional business communication channel are your company’s brand name and the welcome message. Nicely written and streamlined system alerts or greetings ensure increased customer engagement.

Every call that comes to your business is an opportunity, not just a distraction. When someone calls your business, they will be greeted with a professional yet personal message.

This will let your customers know who they are talking with, the purpose of their call and your current business hours. It is also an excellent opportunity to invite customers to visit your social media sites or request an appointment.

Looking to Enjoy the Amazing Voice Message Feature in Your Business Phone?

A welcome message created by Berry Telecom can instantly create a positive and professional environment for your business’s callers.

You can now enjoy our wonderful welcome message on your VoIP phone. All our plans are available with this feature. Feel free to call us on 0330 222 0332 or email us at info@berrytelecom.co.uk to get in touch. Our ever-ready customer care representative is on standby to assist you.

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