Voice Message Broadcasting

Voice Message Broadcasting

Looking for an instant communication medium to keep in touch with your staff and clients? Berry’s Telecom VoIP Phone System’s latest offer could be just what you’re looking for.

The crowd is on the move. Engage them wherever they go — build brand awareness, promote sales, notify of a last-minute event, share important information, or locate customers at any point in their journey. Be heard where it matters most: wherever your customers are.

This unlimited message broadcasting system will make it easier than ever to stay connected to your employees or customers.

How many business calls do you make every day? Let’s face it – being a busy executive doesn’t leave much time to remember anything. So why not send voice message broadcasts to catch up with your customers and friends?

Berry’s Telecom is the UK’s number one provider of voice-messaging software that lets you stay in touch with your customers, by recording and distributing voice messages to up to 100 people at once using your VoIP Phone!

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What Is Voice Message Broadcasting?

Voice message broadcasting, or voice broadcasting, is a technological innovation, which helps organisations reach a wider audience with their marketing campaigns.

It is a system that allows you to store your voice messages and send them out in bulk to any number of portable media players, for instance, mobile phones. The message can be an audio file, prerecorded or live transmission.

Companies can offer their customers an increased level of loyalty by providing them with access to advanced options. This kind of innovation has also made it possible for companies to communicate with their customers in a more personal manner.

How Can You Make the Most of Voice Message Broadcasting?

Voice message broadcasting can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Some common examples are:

  • To notify customers about a store’s special offers

You can record your voice message and then send it out to various people, such as customers. This way, you can send alerts to them with regards to discounts or even tell them about upcoming sales, so they can take advantage of the shopping window.

  • To notify/remind patients about medical appointments

Imagine being able to direct a specific message at a specific audience, when you want them to hear it. If you are promoting your medical practice or announcing medical appointments, voice broadcasting can target a specific area within minutes.

This could include anything from appointment reminders for common illnesses such as the flu to specialist appointments in a hospital. You don’t even need to make multiple phone calls or spend time on busy hold queues.

  • To run customer satisfaction surveys

Using an automated voice broadcasting system as a way to survey customer satisfaction not only makes sense but can greatly improve the effectiveness of your campaign. If you already have a positive customer experience, then why not use technology to ask them how they feel about it?

In the process of voting or rating their experience, customers sometimes offer valuable suggestions on how to make improvements and enable you to fix the problem faster and more effectively than in the past when telephone surveys were conducted.

  • To provide one-time-passwords (OTP)

Some organisations have one-time-password (OTP) systems that require the consumer to enter a shortcode or key to receive their password. The audio file might also be used as a backup, in case the other mechanism fails.

Ready to Engage Your Staff and Clients on the Go?

Berry Telecom VoIP phones are designed specifically to leverage features that would help businesses of all types and sizes. All our VoIP phones deliver superior sound quality and our VoIP phones series can broadcast voice messages to multiple locations – among many other fantastic features.

Pick up a Berry Telecom VoIP phone today and get the messaging features you need, all with the reliability, affordability and comfort of an established provider.

Call us now on 0330 222 0332 or email us at info@berrytelecom.co.uk. Our attentive customer care representatives are ever ready to listen to and reply to your business phone needs.

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