Voice mail

Voice mail

Not many people know that there is also a voice mail feature in business telephone systems. ‘Voice Mail’ means you can call a company and its customer service representative will take the message and send it via email to another person who is your designated contact.

What is a voice mail?

Voicemail is a system of digital recording that allows users to record and store telephone messages when the called party cannot be reached. The caller leaves a message for the intended recipient to listen to at their convenience.

A voice mailbox can provide a means of communicating between two or more people. It has numerous applications, from providing your customers with a personalised greeting to capturing new business opportunities in an automated manner.

How does the voicemail feature work?

Having a Voicemail on your VoIP phone allows you to receive calls even when you are not able to answer them. A Voicemail system is as unique as the caller; record and save any message from family, friends and colleagues in the same mailbox, or manage them per-list or per-voicemail basis.

Let the voicemails play back through your internet-connected computer (PC or Mac), on an external speakerphone, or simply listen on your VoIP Phone.

Use the Replay button to go back and listen again to messages at your leisure, and if you don’t want to keep a message on the server, simply delete it.

The recorded message can also be transcribed and sent to the intended recipient as an email. Switching between voicemails can be done with a single touch.

How will this feature benefit your business or organisation?

A Voice Mail system can help you organise calls and avoid missed opportunities. It can provide an alternative to voice mail for the person who does not have access to a phone or does not wish to be interrupted by others.

Who is better to make your appointment for you than by using your very own voice? A familiar voice or tone is humanising your business and will often lead to new clients, investments, and open doors.

With the Berry Telecom VoIP phone’s Voicemail system, you can leave audio messages for your callers, so that they don’t have to wait only to learn that the line is busy or there’s no one available.

Better yet, any recorded messages are automatically forwarded as email attachments – in case your voice addressee isn’t within listening distance of the phone at the time his or her message has been left.

Looking to enjoy this amazing feature in your business phone?

You already know how important it is to have voice mail for your business phone. You also know how important it is to work with a top-notch professional who will help you select the right voice equipment, set it up and train your employees on it.

Berry’s Telecom has you covered with affordable, high-quality options for managing your voicemail needs.

Get a quote from us today by calling 0330 222 0332 or send an email to info@berrytelecom.co.uk. Our dedicated customer representative is on standby 24/7 to attend to your needs.

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