Speed dialling

Speed dialling

Speed Dial: What Is It?

The speed dial function provides an easy method of dialing a telephone number simply by pressing fewer digits on the keypad. It allows one to organise, save, and quickly access regularly dialed numbers.

Most of the time, users store these numbers in the phone’s memory for future use. Most systems allow users to place calls by pressing a predetermined key or keys on the phone followed by a one- or two-digit code that they assign to each speed dial number; however, on some systems, a call may be initiated by pressing and holding one key on the keypad.

Alternatively, telephone operators can also use custom calling features at the Central Office to speed dial. Using a standard telephone dial, the subscriber programmes in numbers, and speed dial calls are made by dialing the one number and waiting a few seconds on a rotary dial phone or by pressing the only key and the # key instantly on a modern 12-key Touch-Tone phone.

Almost all mobile phones come with a contact list that provides similar capabilities, but most also feature an instant call button that only requires a single click.

Speed Dialing Features

  • Set up a shortcut from your phone
  • A simpler way to call
  • Add contacts on the phone screen quicker

You can access your speed dial features by setting up your dialer first and then holding down the number of the contact you wish to call.

Speed Dialing: Benefits

A speed dial on a telephone lets a person call a specific number by pressing a single button. By using speed dialing, users do not have to remember long telephone numbers or enter them manually into their phones.

Using the speed dial button further eliminates cumbersome phonebook searches. You can use this when you call a lot of numbers or need to dial quickly in an emergency.

Depending on the telephone type and possibly the system, speed dial may work differently. A range of solutions is available, from decentralized implementation on the device to central implementation in a cloud-based telephone system.

When you use speed dials, you are guaranteed to reach the right person every time. It is good to know that speed dialers are no longer restricted to analog or touch-tone phones. With the advent of modern communication systems like VoIP, speed dialer technology has been adapted for use with VoIP phones.

Similarly, VoIP phones support speed dials, so you can make speed dials from your IP desk phone at the office or from your phone at home whenever you want. Speed dialing is possible using an Android phone or an iPhone.

How to Get a Speed Dial-enabled Business Phone

Speed dialing has the advantage of relieving users of the necessity of remembering long telephone numbers and manually entering those numbers. Speed dialing further reduces the need to search through phone books. Particularly useful for numbers that are frequently dialed or in case of an emergency.

Berry Telecom’s speed dialing solutions enable call centers to perform proactive customer communications through quick dialing.

To learn more, please call (0330 222 0332) or email: info@berrytelecom.co.uk.

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