Speed Dialing

Speed Dialing

Speed your business up. Call time is money. Speed dialling feature makes it easy to coordinate with your team and customers by giving you quick access to your most frequently used contacts, hands-free calls and gorgeous caller ID screen.

In a business phone system, it is even more important. Having just one speed-dial button for each person or department makes getting in touch with staff extremely speedy.

If you’ve ever found yourself waiting on hold for several minutes while trying to get through to someone at work, then you know how much time can be wasted when speed dialling isn’t set upright.

With a good speed dial system, you can call the right person for whatever comes up without fuss or muss. That’s what speed-dialling is about.

Berry Telecom, a leader in home and small business communications, is offering its customers the comfort of speed dialling and multi-line calling from anywhere. With the newest generation of digital technology in our VOIP phone systems, Berry Telecom offers over 100 features at no extra charge. …Call us today!

Why Is Speed Dialing Important?

Speed dialling is the most convenient way to get from point A to point B in your business phone system. When you find a speed dial number that you’re looking for, you can usually be connected quickly while on the go. It is so valuable that it may be difficult to work without it once you have experienced the convenience.

Whether you’re calling family members or businesses, it’s easy to make connections with numbers you’ve already saved.

How Does Speed Dialing Work for Your Business Phone?

Speed Dial is a feature that enables you to dial a number by pressing one button.

If, for example, your work broker Speed Dial number is 100, you can make your business phone call by simply pressing 1 followed by the # key. You don’t have to wait for additional prompts or confirmations every time.

How Will Speed Dialing Benefit Your Business Communication?

Properly provisioned business phones are far more useful than consumer phones. It’s dialling a quick and easy way to connect with your customers, prospects and employees.

Speed dial gives you the ability to quickly register up to 2,500 numbers, so you can get through to your contacts faster and improve communication with your existing ones.

Speed dialling can save you up to 4,200 seconds a year or 55 hours a week. It makes calling your contacts faster and more effective. It’s easy to manage, helps increase productivity, and can lead to increased business sales.

Ready to Enjoy This Amazing Feature in Your Business Communication?

Berry Telecom provides an advanced, fully digital phone service that keeps you connected in more ways than ever before.

Be ready for anything that comes up in your day with the right business phone. Berry Telecom business phones have speed dialling capability and many more amazing in-built features so you can connect with everyone in a flash.

Call us today at 0330 222 0332 or email us at info@berrytelecom.co.uk to discuss how you can start experiencing better business communication and quality.

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