Selection of signaling sounds

Selection of signaling sounds

What are signaling sounds?

Signaling, which uses electric pulses or audio sounds for notifying (requesting service), identifying (e.g., dialling the called party’s number), monitoring (idle lines), and information, is a critical component of any telephone system.

Signaling might take place inside the customer loop—that is, within the circuit connecting the individual telephone instrument to the local office—or between offices.

Another example is the busy signal, which has been less popular over the last several decades as call waiting and voicemail have become more prevalent.

Without signalling sounds, many phone systems would not be able to identify which party was calling and would not know where to route calls.

Special tones enable faster call setup if both parties are using tone-capable equipment (most office phones have tone capability).

Berry Telecom offers a wide range of signalling sounds for business VoIP phone systems. Selecting the right tones to suit your business can be confusing.

It’s important to choose high-quality ringtones because they are often the first and last contact a customer ever has with your company.

When would you use signaling sounds?

You may want to use signalling sounds when converting an analogue phone system to digital if you are not ready to migrate to VoIP. Also, it can be used during the development phase of the project and in case of critical calls made through public internet connections.

Berry signalling sounds are broadcast through your phone system to enhance the business impression. They could be used in a multi-site operation where each representative is part of a separate department.

A caller would hear a sound which lets them know they are in contact with the department they want!

How it works:

Sounds for Phone System, is packaged as a pre-packaged set of audio files that are played through the telephone system to tell callers which automaton to enter when dialing your number.

Additionally, just like a business announcing their name or location when answering the phone, Sounds for Phone System will announce your business name – by voice automation – any time you receive an incoming call.

How it can benefits your business

Important phone calls are often missed due to office environment noises. To be effective in attracting/retaining employees and providing a pleasant, professional working environment, it is necessary for an organisation to have a reliable solution as part of its communications infrastructure.

Businesses can benefit tremendously by being able to communicate effectively with co-workers and customers by identifying how to receive, route and place calls based on signal sounds while minimising distractions from surrounding office environment sounds.

We can help you select the best signaling sounds

Berry Telecom can help you to get the most from your business telephone system. With our signalling solution for business VoIP phones, the adaptability and control you need is completely achievable.

Get in touch with us today – feel free to call us on 0330 222 0332 or email at and one of our friendly customer service representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

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