Music on hold

Music on hold

Business telephone systems are designed to do many things; some of which a lot of people never consider until they’re introduced to them. Things like voicemail, conference calling and free phone calls can all be handled with a business telephone system. But there is one function that the majority of businesses have in common: Music on Hold.

Music on hold was made so that businesses can give their callers a better experience. It’s a tool that plays music while the customer is being served. The goal here is for the caller to hear something while they’re being placed on hold.

How does this feature work for your business phone?

Music on hold is an inbound call waiting for service that plays music and messages when your phone is busy. Music on hold can be provided to callers waiting for the next available operator.

The purpose is to inform callers that, at present, all extensions are busy and they should “Please hold”. Music on hold messages can be of any length but are usually no longer than 20:00 minutes in length.

Music On Hold systems were initially developed in response to caller complaints regarding the fact that they had to listen to perpetual silence during times of high call volume or that they were often disconnected when there was too much traffic on the telephone lines.

It’s an excellent way to let them know they’ll soon be connected and keeps people informed while they’re on hold. This solution uses the latest voice compression, delivering high-quality music through standard telephone lines.

This service can be linked to your phone system so that you can track and record caller responses, even while playing live music.

Call a Berry Telecom agent today to discuss how we may help you build your brand with this unique service.

How will music on hold solution benefit your business or organisation communication needs?

Music on hold service is the perfect way to improve your company’s image. With professional sounding music on hold played through your phone system, you will have great sound quality for all of your incoming calls.

Music on Hold business telephone features are a great way to keep your customers and employees happy while they’re waiting for their call to be answered. While holding music prevents your customers from hearing the many phone conversations you’re having, it will make them less likely to hang up and try another number.

Music on hold can be beneficial to your customer’s experience because it attracts their attention, gives them something interesting to listen to, and makes them feel important.

Berry Telecom business phone music on hold solution will transform your telephone environment. Our system allows you to play professionally produced messages on your company’s telephone system while you are away from the phone, and many of our customers have reported a noticeable increase in response time when they use this service.

Looking to enjoy this amazing feature in your business phone?

Berry Telecom is one of the most reliable UK VoIP phone providers that offers this service. A Berry Telecom business phone can have professionally recorded music on hold waiting for your customers. To get in touch contact us today by calling 0330 222 0332 or email us at

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