Key Telephone System

Key Telephone System

Key Telephone System

The key telephone system for a business is the centre of its communication network. It is the hub that connects all the spokes. Every call your business makes and receives passes through this system – from the receptionist to the CEO, from a sales rep to a customer on the line.

“Key” refers to the fact that every extension has a button with a distinctive colour. That button lights up when someone on one end of the circuit pushes it, so everyone on the same circuit knows who’s being called and how many people are waiting (or know how many times they have pushed their button).

For most business organisations, having a well-functioning telephone system is an important necessity. Key Telephone Systems are generally designed with the needs of businesses in mind and can be used to provide everything from basic business-to-business calls to advanced features like voice mail messaging.

If you are looking to include Key Telephone Systems in your business phone system, then it is worth checking out Berry Telecom business phone solutions. Call us today at 0330 222 0332 or email to get in touch.

How Does a Key Telephone System Work?

A Key Telephone System provides a simple, fast way to operate an office or store. It is easy to set up and run, has few maintenance requirements, and is accessible from both sides of the counter. Depending on the type of system, this process can be accomplished by physically entering a menu on the telephone itself, or it may involve a combination of buttons and commands.

Regardless of the method, once you have accessed the key system and found the number you are looking for, you can dial. In most cases, dialling is done by simply pushing three buttons (1-star, redial and #) in succession, though some models include more digits.

Your customers will find it easy to get help when they need it, helping increase customer satisfaction. There are many options but Berry Telecom Key Telephone System can best meet your specific needs and your business communications.

How Will a Key Telephone System Benefit Your Business Communication?

When it comes to business communications, Key Telephone Systems ensure you operate efficiently as it plays a vital role in every office and organisation. It’s essentially the phone centre – the place where all incoming and outgoing calls are routed and managed, keeping you connected with your customers and colleagues at all times.

A Key Telephone System is an essential part of any business. Instead of having to use a landline or mobile phone, the phones in your office are connected to a special central unit. This is where calls coming into your office are routed, and there are also key features you can use such as call forwarding, conference room access and voicemail.

A key system allows you to customise your communications tool exactly how you want it, from buttons that are easy to use to LCD screens that are clear and concise.

Speak with one of our friendly and helpful customer reps at Berry Telecom today on 0330 222 0332 or email to get started on a modern business phone solution range with Key Telephone Systems for your company or organisation.

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