Customised Abbreviated Dialing (Speed Dialing)

Customised Abbreviated Dialing (Speed Dialing)

Customised Abbreviated Dialing (Speed Dialing)

Customised abbreviated dialling or speed dialling VoIP feature allows easier access to frequently called persons by giving fixed buttons on the phone. This helps greatly if you need to call back your boss or someone else.

Speed dialling is available by pressing the appropriate keys which are predefined. The advantage of using this system is that it can save a lot of time and other efforts.

Berry Telecom’s speed dial feature makes VoIP calling easy as you’re automatically connected to your favourite and most frequently called contacts with a single key-press. This saves time and increases productivity as you don’t have to waste time searching for a number or typing it in repeatedly over a period of several calls.

How does speed dialling work?

VoIP speed dialling is a feature that allows users to store dialled numbers of the frequently called contacts. Speed dial has revolutionised the way people make calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Speed dial lets you create a list that automatically calls pre-programmed contacts on one button press. These can be stored contacts from your phone or any other programmed source.

VoIP speed dialling is a useful tool for any office as it significantly improves business communication flow within the organisation. It helps save time by allowing instant access to necessary extensions with just one click of a button.

Benefits of speed dial feature

Dialling is fast and easy

Speed dial turns your phone numbers into customised abbreviations, so phone calls, incoming texts, emails, and voices can be accessed faster than ever before.

Simple, fast, and easy to use, Berry Telecom provides VoIP with speed dialling features. Whether it’s your supervisor, a client, or your parents, you can reach out with one touch. Speed Dial helps you get connected faster.

The numbers are programmed in advance onto telephone keypads so you can dial them quickly without having to dial each number individually. Dialling a speed dial number is much quicker than calling each number in sequence.

Auto-connect you to numbers you use regularly

A speed dial number is set up to automatically connect you to your most frequently called contact numbers. You can also use a speed dial to connect you to directory assistance, helplines, and others. Dialling numbers from SpeedDial is easy, even with one hand.

No need to memorise numbers

Speed Dial is a unique dialling service that allows customers to build their own telephone directory of up to 100 personal and business numbers and speed dial them with one touch. No need to memorise and enter the number manually, just click on the shortcut and the phone will dial that person directly.

Who needs customised abbreviated dialling business phone features?

  • Managers or supervisors
  • The finance department
  • The HR department
  • Telemarketing staff
  • Suppliers
  • Vendors
  • Useful business contacts
  • General business contacts
  • Service providers
  • Government officials
  • Client relationship managers
  • Taxi firms
  • Retail outlets

Berry Telecoms provides VoIP business phones with speed dialling ability and other advanced helpful features to businesses and organisations seeking fast, easy and convenient communication with employees, customers, and/or business partners.

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