Custom Greetings for Phone Systems

Custom Greetings for Phone Systems

Custom Greetings for Phone Systems

Custom greetings lead the way to establishing a friendly tone that customers are accustomed to when calling businesses. The delivery of any message is how that message is received, and custom greetings are no exception.

Companies that listen to what customers want and need are able to deliver the right information in a timely fashion, which improves overall customer service.

By offering an incredible experience, companies are seen as being more personable and friendly. A good recording for custom greeting can help boost call quality as well as make the call safer for those employees answering the line.

What Are Custom Greetings?

Custom greetings, also known as personal messages or personalised communications on telecommunications networks, provide users an opportunity to communicate at higher volumes and with more confidence than standard telephone messages.

These messages may be specially recorded or pre-recorded and used as part of an ongoing relationship between parties.

Custom greetings create a more professional image for your business because they provide the impression that your calls are personally answered by you after hours and during business travel. You can set up to 6 different custom greetings depending on the time of day.

Benefits of Custom Greetings

  • Make a great first impression

There is no better way to establish a connection with a client than with a personalised greeting. Custom greetings do a lot to improve the image of your company and convert prospects into customers. It captures the attention of customers and helps them make good decisions when calling.

  • Adds a professional touch

Maintaining a professional appearance is important to a number of workplace aesthetics standards. Custom greetings make it easy to communicate with clients, which improves follow-up and reputation management.

  • It’s an excellent tool for customer service

Custom greetings are a powerful tool in business. They remind your customers of what you’re about, help build relationships and increase sales. It can help sell a product or promotion, make an appointment easier and is an excellent way to personalise customer service.

  • It personalises your brand

Your customer greetings can add an extra level of personalisation to your messages and they make the customer experience better. It is key to build a positive, personal connection with your clients.

Features of Custom Greetings

  • 24/7 service
  • Pre-recorded or live greeting
  • Interactive voice response system
  • You can add pre-recorded audio messages
  • You can use anonymous greetings
  • The greeting can be customised for each call
  • You can record the greeting at any time using online or offline greeting prompts
  • switchboard greeting
  • customized announcements for holidays and special events

Custom greetings are programmed into a business phone system and greet a customer or caller in a way that is unique to your specific business.

Businesses that handle a lot of contact with customers should consider using custom greetings. Some businesses may even be able to use extra features like ringback and downloadable custom announcements.

Customise your greeting to give your customers a personal experience.

Upgrade your greeting from a standard “Hello” to a customised personal statement. Get a great custom greeting for your VoIP phone system with Berry Telecom!

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