Computer Telephony Integration for Business Solutions

Computer Telephony Integration for Business Solutions

Computer Telephony Integration for Business Solutions

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology has progressed to serve as a foundation for global businesses that are seeking to improve customer service.

CTI is the process of uniting information across all of the computerised functions and operations of a business. It includes customer data, non-voice applications, contact and billing records, network information, video messages, and faxes in one single system.

What is Computer Telephony Integration?

CTI is a technology that seamlessly combines telephony and computing. With a computer telephony integration system, users can make outbound calls, receive incoming calls, and perform other call-related tasks directly from a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.

Business communication is simplified using CTI. Devices like phones, mobiles, computers, and fax can communicate harmoniously with one another.

CTI technology is best understood by understanding VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology – the platform that powers CTI technology. A VoIP system allows voice and other media to be transmitted via the Internet. By combining VoIP with CTI, you will be able to add new capabilities and features to your call centre to improve the customer experience.

Features of CTI

Make calls from your computer:

Phones are not necessary to connect with computer telephony software. Using click-to-call functionality, agents can place and receive calls directly from their computers.

Not only that, but the agents can perform all the call functions (answer, hang up, transfer, hold, mute, conference, etc.) without needing a separate device.

Automatic caller identification:

Using CRM data, the Computer Telephony Integration system authenticates the user. By doing this, you will be able to eliminate the need to repeatedly ask customers for their details, which has more of a frustrating effect than being time-consuming.

Contextual screen popups for contextual conversations:

When an agent opens the customer’s screen, an automated window pops up to display information such as the customer’s name, company, photo, email address, etc.

By having access to this information, agents can greet clients professionally, thereby providing an enhanced customer experience – and they can do this without searching multiple databases or switching between tabs.

Smart call routing & distribution:

CTI tools allow inbound calls to be directed to the right agent or department through integrations with automatic call distributors (ACDs) and interactive voice responses (IVRs).

Routing algorithms can be set based on the agent’s skill, language, the location of the caller, the IVR input, and other factors. Having the correct representative handle your call improves first contact resolution and customer satisfaction.

Maintain system synchronization:

The CTI system allows you to integrate a variety of systems – the most common ones being CRM integration, helpdesk software, and ticketing software.

By synchronizing your call centre systems, your agents can instantly access all the information they need to provide a satisfying customer experience.

Analytics and call recording:

CTI provides real-time and historical reporting, call recording, and monitoring of agent performance to help call centre managers make informed decisions aligned with business goals.

Benefits of Investing in CTI

It will save you time:

The agent has access to all the customer information so that the conversation is contextual and meaningful, without the customer having to repeat themselves. It improves customer satisfaction by ensuring faster resolution of their queries.

Cost reduction:

Instead of using headphones for all your inbound and outbound phone calls, you can make calls from your computer. You also save on several other hardware infrastructures that would otherwise have been needed due to easier collaboration with computers and telephony.

Increase productivity:

With automated call routing and click-to-call options combined with seamless CRM integration, agents are armed with all the important customer information in one place in order to provide a consistently positive experience.

No matter how big or small your call centre is, CTI is the way to go. With Berry Telecom, you will see the highest return on investment. Contact us by phone (0330 222 0332) or email ( if you have any questions.

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