Cloud Communications

Cloud Communications

Cloud communication refers to the transmission of data or information between a consumer’s computing device which connects with the cloud and the provider’s telecommunications network.

Basically, any type of data transmission that can be accessed on multiple devices is considered cloud communication.

Many organisations have embraced the use of cloud communication to allow fast access of business information for their employees and to also allow customers to access their stored information from anywhere in the world.

The increased popularity of smartphones has also led to an increase in the popularity and use of cloud communication.

Features of Cloud Communications

Cloud communications have several features that you should know about. They include;

Unified Communication

Cloud communication takes the benefits of cloud technology – instant access, unlimited users and storage, multi-format resource sharing, and more – to make your communication unified.

All information is saved in the cloud platform in real-time, can be viewed from any device at any time, and made available anywhere at any time. This will greatly improve the efficiency of work processes and enhance team collaboration.

Keep in touch with Voicemail to Email/Text

Cloud communication helps keep you in touch with friends, clients or team members no matter where you are. Messages sent over the internet are delivered to your Smartphone and tablet as emails or texts. Now that’s smart messaging.

Remote Connectivity

Cloud communication can help with remote connectivity, it will provide more business access and service. It can help the company save money for building infrastructure for remote communication.

You can exchange messages between employees and clients, call around the world, share emails, photos and documents, video and voice conferences.

This type of communication is very useful for companies because of the flexibility that it offers to stay connected with their clients and employees

Host Virtual Meetings

Cloud communication is convenient for hosting virtual meetings because it’s flexible, seamless and cost-effective.

When employees from different locations connect to the same meeting, they need a way to chat and collaborate with one another. Without the use of cloud communication, it can be difficult for hosts to monitor and coordinate these meetings.

Record Phone Calls

Cloud communication is beneficial because it eliminates the need to install special equipment to record phone calls and streamline the process of documenting communication. It is used in many different circumstances which include interviews, depositions, and a number of other procedures.

Monitor Productivity

Cloud communications can be a powerful way for businesses to manage and monitor their staff’s productivity.

Companies can look to cloud communications to help them monitor their employees’ productivity by utilizing software that can track the time spent on calls, files sent or received, etc.

What are some of the ways Cloud Communications can help an organization be more productive?

  1. The modern communication environment is as results-oriented and personalised as it gets. It fires constant information at consumers about all manner of services, products, deals, etc. By using cloud communication, a business can get in on this hot trend and leverage it to its advantage or purpose.
  2. With cloud communication, you can send and receive email and text messages from your mobile devices faster and much more easily so you can stay more efficient at work, on the road, or wherever you are.
  3. Cloud communication allows all information resources to be centralised and decentralised facilities, regardless of their location, can access the required information.
  4. By utilising cloud communication, organisations are able to reduce their overall costs in telecommunication services as well as retain significant amounts of control over their IT infrastructure.

Cloud Communications provides businesses with a number of benefits, this has made most top organisations seek the help of VoIP system providers.

Finding a provider that offers a fully-featured solution that is both user-friendly and useful to system administrators can be problematic. For a trusted provider please call 0330 222 0332; or send a mail to

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