Caller ID

Caller ID

A phone number can tell you a lot – including the identity of the person or business calling.

Caller ID is a telephony service that provides the name and/or telephone number of the calling party. It is part of a system called caller line identification (CLI), which provides the calling party’s name, telephone number, or other information associated with the call.

It is a convenient service that allows you to see who’s calling, even if you don’t have the caller’s stored in your phone book.

Caller ID can provide a quick way to screen calls with limited personal information about callers, making it easier to decide whether or not to answer the phone.

While there may be times when people would prefer not to have their identity revealed, it can be helpful to know who is calling before you pick up the receiver. Caller ID also makes it easier to reach out to customers, friends and relatives who are using caller ID on their end.

How Does Caller ID Work?

Caller ID lets you know who is on the phone before you pick it up. Caller ID works with your telephone service provider and lets you know the identity of the people calling, so you won’t miss a call from family and friends or an important business call.

When you subscribe to Caller ID, your calls are automatically identified with a number or name displayed on your telephone, answering machine, pager or fax machine.

The technology is also used for screening and blocking calls-take control of your telemarketing calls by removing unwanted numbers from your display.

There are four sources of Caller ID information: Phone company billing records, Calling party number (telephone instrument receiving the call), telephone instrument making the call and Bell-core standards.

Features of a Caller ID

Caller ID displays the phone number, name and/or the location of an incoming call. All of which can be enabled by the network service provider that your home is registered with.

Caller ID is ideal for you if you receive a lot of calls that you would like to screen before connecting.

Advantages of Using Caller ID in Your Business Phone System

Caller ID is a feature that can save you time and energy while helping you be a more effective business professional.

Caller ID for the office seems like a modern communication convenience, and it is. But there are reasons why the number of business owners who have caller ID in their phone systems is growing every year.

Caller ID turns any telephone system into a caller verifier. It allows you to know exactly who is calling before you answer the phone. This can be invaluable when using your business phone system for loan applications, sales pitches, other credit verification calls or just for identifying a potential source of revenue.

Not only does a phone system with a Caller ID allows you to process orders and appointments with ease; it also gives you an advantage over competitors who do not have such a system.

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