Call Waiting for Business Phone system

Call Waiting for Business Phone system

Call waiting is one of the benefits you enjoy with a business phone system, and can also be beneficial to call centres.

It is an additional line (or lines) on your business phone that monitors all incoming calls. When it detects an incoming call on that first line, it sends the new call to hold and puts it on the second line.

Essentially, Call waiting allows you to take another call while already talking on the phone. This is similar to having two lines on one phone.

How Does Call Waiting Work?

Call waiting services enable customers to make phone calls to agents of the company, usually by dialling a pre-set list. When a customer calls into a company, usually an automated system picks up the information and passes it along to whoever is needed. This is how the call waiting service works. Call waiting works only for two incoming calls at a time. Other phone system features may route a third caller to voicemail, busy signal, or other services.

Basically, here’s how call waiting service works;

  • Your incoming call will be sent to voicemail and you can continue your current call as usual
  • As soon as the incoming call is received, put the current call on hold
  • During the inbound call, place the current caller on hold

As soon as you put your current caller on hold, he or she will remain on hold until either he or she ends the call or you switch back to that call and end it.

When you use call waiting, you can alternate back and forth between the two calls as frequently as you want. As each inbound caller is placed on hold, it will alternate between them.

There is no communication between the two inbound callers as the calls are separated and private. Unless you mention it, they won’t even know you are on another call.

What are the Benefits of Call Waiting?

Call waiting is often overlooked as a way to improve your customer service. It can be hard to measure a service’s impact on sales, but call waiting is one way to see if someone will take action after being placed on your list.

Here are the benefits;

  • Getting notified directly: During your conversation with someone else, you get notified that another call is coming through.
  • The right to choose: As soon as the second call is placed, you are given time to decide whether you should handle it or if you should hang up. Alternatively, you can put the current caller on hold and put the second onto voicemail.
  • Adaptability: Call waiting allows you to take calls at your convenience since you are able to choose when to answer them.

Numerous phone systems also allow you to disable call waiting, which is advantageous if you are in the midst of a lengthy, critical contact and do not wish to be interrupted.

When call waiting is off, inbound callers will either hear a busy signal or be sent to voicemail, depending on your system preferences.

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