Call Pick-Up

Call Pick-Up

Call pick-up is a feature of some business phone systems that allows a telephone user to answer another telephone line which rings at the same time as their own.

It is designed to allow a business to bring in calls from more than one line onto one business line without incurring extra charges for the additional lines, and potentially gives customers the impression of better service as they may think they are talking directly to a company instead of having to wait for their call to be answered.

Call Pick-Up can transform your business, save you time, and make your employees more effective. It allows calls to be sent wirelessly to any phone or smart device. Finally, you get the convenience of a limitless extension system without sacrificing privacy.

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Why is Call Pick-Up Important?

Call pick-up is a feature that allows calls to be transferred to extensions.

It is a technology that can prove useful in many different situations, such as a classroom or boardroom where additional lines are used by several people. Pick up is the number one feature callers want. It means customers don’t have to leave a voicemail when they call your business.

How Does Call Pick Up Work?

A call pick-up makes it possible to transfer a second incoming call into the first call on hold. This is useful if your organisation regularly experiences long hold times and/or if your service area requires that all incoming calls be answered immediately.

Call pick-ups are also extremely valuable for ensuring that an agent is available to handle a new customer who may be calling while an existing customer is already on the phone. In most cases, your extension can act as both an inbound and outbound pick-up at one time for up to 6 extensions.

To set up call pick-up, you must have at least two extensions: one for your incoming calls, and one for the person you want to answer those calls. The second extension is referred to as your “pick-up” extension.

How will this feature benefit your business communication?

With today’s mounting mobile world, customers and business owners are expecting to be able to receive calls wherever they may be. If you have an office and your phone service doesn’t allow call pick-up, you’re missing out on potential clients.

One simple, powerful telephone system is all that you need to stay in touch with your customers and team. A phone system with call pick-up & call transfer is key to the success of any small business. The right one can save you time, money and frustration when trying to keep your business running smoothly.

The Call Pickup feature allows any member of your team to answer a phone call that is ringing through to an extension.

You’ll save money and reduce the risk of lost business by letting customers reach you when they need you most if call pick-up is enabled in your business phone system.

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