Call Logging

Call Logging

Call logging on business phone systems is a powerful software service that allows companies to store, analyse and report on all phone conversations.

The reporting features allow business phone systems better visibility into their call data from any web-enabled device for a more complete picture of what’s happening within their businesses.

It essentially lets you monitor every call that comes into your business. You can review incoming and outgoing calls, which lines were used, the caller’s number, the duration of each call and how much time was spent talking as opposed to waiting to be connected.

Any business that uses its phone system, be it a small restaurant or a large corporation can benefit from the call logging feature on their business telephone system.

Call Logging Features For Business Phone Systems

Call Recording

The purpose of this feature is to help you record every call that reaches your cell or landline phone.

This enables you to capture valuable information about your customers’ experience with you. It can also be used to identify duplicate calls and resolve problems in a timely manner so that you can act on business quality calls more quickly.

Call Log Monitoring

Call quality monitoring, a feature for business phone systems that enables you to identify dropped calls and repeat customers, can help increase your revenue by allowing you to manage customer service expectations, evaluate calls for quality and accuracy.

Call quality monitoring is something you can use to check the quality of your incoming and outgoing calls.

Call Analytics

This is an essential tool that provides powerful insights into how your call centre is functioning, giving you valuable information to help improve visibility and improve quality.

It can help identify common problems and sources of Spam in real-time, giving you the opportunity to take immediate action

Call analytics allows a business to monitor basic information about each incoming call, such as the customer’s identity and information on any previous interactions. This information can be used to provide better service and increase customer satisfaction.

What Are The Benefits Of Call Logging To Business Phone Systems?

  • Reliable and accurate
  • Monitor call activity
  • Improve the quality of service
  • Daily reports for your records
  • Customer satisfaction increases with instant access to a more productive workforce
  • Maintain a legal record of calls and conversations
  • Track sales and marketing activities
  • Verify employee performance
  • Provide proof of receipt of certain information
  • Protect your business from liability claims

Why Is Call Logging Important?

A business needs all the help it can get in maintaining its phone system. This helps businesses pinpoint problems before they become serious problems which allows them to handle them more efficiently.

Call logging is a very important part of any business phone system and helps keep customers happy and calling back.

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