Call forwarding on busy or absence

Call forwarding on busy or absence

Call forwarding on busy or absence

Call Forwarding Busy/Away allows you to forward all of your missed incoming calls to another line (like your cell phone) and keep your business running smoothly.

This amazing feature enables calls to be forwarded to another phone when your business line is busy. It’s as easy as pressing a button, and inbound calls can be taken by any member of your team.

How does call forwarding work?

When your business is closed or you are away from the office, the integrated Call Forwarding feature works for all numbers on your account. This feature forwards unanswered calls to any local number you choose, automatically.

If your business phone receives multiple calls and you’re able to answer most but not all of them, then this feature is for you. It allows you to forward calls to the number of another extension within your company, or simply let them ring through to voicemail.

Why is this feature important in your business communication?

Call Forwarding is a valuable service that provides you with the ability to forward incoming calls to an alternate number of your choosing. Some of the many reasons to get this include:

Boosts productivity


Call forwarding on busy or absence offers a dynamic solution. It makes sure calls are routed to other members of staff when your call is forwarded, whether you’re out, busy or simply working from home.

Increase your availability


Call forwarding on busy or absence can increase your availability by allowing you to manage your calls from anywhere. Call forwarding is also available for groups so that everyone on the team can keep working while calls are directed to one central number.

Customers can talk to real people in real-time


Call Forwarding is a critical business feature for most businesses when employees are off-site or busy. It allows customers to reach someone, anyone in your company while the customer waits on hold.

Typically callers have access to all the extensions of anyone in the company, based upon how you set it up. By enabling this feature, you give your customers options and hope they’ll stay online and not hang up!

Allows work-from-home flexibility


Call forwarding on busy or absence allows employees to get the job done while working remotely. Although mobile phones are ubiquitous, many people still want to focus on work while at home.

Ramps up your company’s reputation

You get a strong, positive reputation by showing customers you’re not only accessible but also active in your efforts to help them. It builds trust and gives you an edge over the competition. You come off like a pro!

Berry Telecom has business phones that assist businesses with call forwarding that works to improve their company’s reputation and credibility.

Call us today at 0330 222 0332 or simply send us an email at to see how we can help you achieve effective business communication.

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