Call blocking

Call blocking

Call Blocking

Call blocking, also known as call block, call screening, or call rejection is a phone feature that allows you to screen incoming calls. Callers whose numbers you have blocked will not be able to reach you by telephone from any number they use.

Call blocking gives you the option to choose which numbers not to accept, adds another layer of security, and helps reduce unwanted calls for a more rewarding calling experience. It not only helps reduce unwanted spam calls, but it also helps prevent robocalls by rejecting all calls from any number that isn’t in your contact list.

Some telecom operators may require subscribers to make an additional payment to his or her telephone company or a third-party company to utilize this feature.

Call blocking features

Some of the features of call blocking include:

  • Prevent unwanted calls from reaching your mobile or business phone.
  • Helping you manage your phone bill by restricting certain numbers, such as telemarketers or advertisers, from getting through to your line.
  • Preventing unwanted text messages.

How does call blocking work?

Call blocking temporarily disables a certain number from calling your mobile or business phone. This is useful if you are receiving unwanted calls from a telemarketer or for other reasons.

When you block a particular number from calling your line, each time that particular number calls, your phone won’t ring. The caller either receives a message saying “number no longer in service”, or a busy signal appears on the caller’s phone. Also, there is an option to send the call to a voicemail.

Benefits of call blocking

Call blocking is a solution people can use to control and manage nuisance calls, robocalls, telemarketers calls, and other telemarketing companies with unwanted solicitation about marketing/sales.

With the help of this service, you can save valuable time and energy. It can also protect you from obscene or threatening text messages as receiving a harassing message on your cell phone can make you feel pretty scared.

Furthermore, the use of call blocking can help you avoid unnecessary distractions. Some studies show receiving a cell phone call in the office can actually lead to a loss of 6-9 minutes of your productivity. Due to this, using call blocking features on the cell phone can get calls from unblocked numbers to voicemail, thus reducing interruptions and increasing productivity.

Ultimately, the use of call blocking services has been said to give peace of mind. When you have the option to choose calls and text messages you want to receive, this can help you live a positive and optimistic life and also help you avoid customers who keep laying unnecessary complaints.

How to get call blocking activated on your VoIP business phone

The call blocking feature is available on Berry Telecom’s range of VoIP business phones. All you simply have to do is activate the function on your phone model following the accompanying manual (user guide).

If your company or organisation’s set of business phones don’t have call blocking settings, you can consult Berry Telecom support for technical assistance.

Speak with one of our friendly and helpful customer reps today on 0330 222 0332 or email to get started.

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