Berry Telecom Night Service

Berry Telecom Night Service

Berry Telecom Night Service

Night service is a telephone feature offered by most telephone companies that allow businesses to set up their telephones to transfer incoming calls to an alternate number during business hours when the main number is not answered.

Night Service is an enhanced telephone feature that you can add to your business phone line. It lets your customers reach you at all times, night and day, even when you’re away from your desk (or out of the office meeting clients).

What is night service?

Night Service lets you stay connected after business hours without answering calls directly. For a specified number of rings, the incoming call will transfer to a pre-recorded message so you can update your clients and customers with your latest news and information.

Night Service gives you peace of mind that your business lines are being answered, routed or transferred when needed. Received calls are answered by an on-duty receptionist then, if necessary, routed to an automated attendant or back to the owner. You never have to worry about missed calls again.

Night service is a generally non-interruptible voice service used as a backup to an elite business phone system.

If you are currently using an elite business phone system, then it would be important to ask your provider about night service in order to avoid feeling embarrassed when you can not answer a phone call that was directed to you when you were sleeping or away from the office.

Importance of night service

Night Service lets you stay connected to clients and customers by forwarding or routing calls to a voice message after hours.

Sometimes you won’t be able to answer your phone right away.

Night Service gives you a chance to update clients and customers with your latest news and information.

Night service is especially helpful to companies that seek to provide live 24 hours customer support. calls are redirected to a live attendant after business hours. It is ideal for small businesses and professionals that may not be able to afford the cost of keeping an on-call employee constantly.

Why you need night service feature on your business telephone system

When you are operating a business, it is crucial to cater to customers throughout the day. However, there comes a time in most people’s lives when they will not be able to reach you outside of business hours.

This can be frustrating for customers who wish you were available even at night. The Night service feature on phones enables this option to your customers. So if an issue arises after hours, your customer can still contact someone to help them without needing to wait until the next morning.

It can be used in conjunction with your normal telephone so that you can operate a 24-hour service without strangers phoning the premises to find out if you are working.

Manage your business and reduce the stress of late night phone calls with Berry Telecom’s Night service. You can record a message to play to callers before they are transferred into your voicemail.

Find out more about our business telephone night service by calling 0330 222 0332.

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