Automatic ring back

Automatic ring back

Automatic ring back (ARB)

With Automatic Callback, you can avoid missed calls by automatically sending a return call to the caller who dialled your voicemail while you were busy.

What is an Automatic ring back?

An automatic ring back system is a service provided by providers allowing customers to request a return call as soon as the line of the caller is free. Callers inform an automated attendant about their number and wait for a callback from the recipient of the call.

The Automatic Ring Back system is a self-contained automated telephone system designed to intercept filtered “private” calls for return in the event that the call is not answered by the intended user.

Systems that automatically ring back customers who have pressed a hold button and leave an outgoing message with a signalling or pager tone on a telephone system are known in the industry as automatic call-back systems.

When activated, the automatic ring back system monitors the called telephone. The system will call you back automatically when the called telephone becomes available to receive a call.

When an incoming call is rejected by a called party, the calling party is automatically called back at a later time and date of the choosing of the callee. The automatic ring back system does this by connecting a cellular phone or Voice Over IP (VoIP) phone-service account to the system.

How an automatic ringback works

Automatic ring back (ARB) is a convenient feature that helps an office stay productive. Call connections are monitored by the ARB if a caller is busy.

Once the phone is back on the hook, ARB kicks in and rings both parties. In some cases, the automatic callback can be provided by the terminal, while in others it is shared between the terminal and switch.

Therefore, you can program your own phone to monitor the other person’s phone, the other person’s phone (usually a call centre) can have that capability, or both phones can be part of an internal network with ARB.

Automatic ring back features

Features such as a one-touch 100% automatic away message, rejection on demand, menu-driven voicemail, and redial confirmations will simplify your business day and make you look professional to your customers!

Benefits of using an automatic ring back

The automatic ring back system was designed to give control back to the business or institution that uses the system.

This system provides businesses with a way of bridging the communication gaps that occur during the day. In addition, you can customize the callback settings so that they will work to your specific needs.

With a VOIP telephone system, you can have more features and control than both the traditional party line and the party-line automatic ring back. The system allows director paging by caller ID, user confirmation, automatic voice messaging, music on hold, and the ability to include conference bridges in the paging.

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