Automatic Call Distributor

Automatic Call Distributor

In any industry with strong customer service, agents are likely to be bombarded with calls. Having only a basic phone system in place may be too much for them to handle.

Customer service is about answering the phone and resolving issues when customers need assistance. There are times when things can be a bit more difficult. Most customers don’t adhere to normal business hours and don’t show much sympathy to call centres that are swamped with calls.

Fortunately, an automatic call distributor (ACD) system can assist.

What is an Automatic Call Distributor?

Automatic Call Distribution, or ACD, is a telecommunications technology that routes all incoming calls to specific departments or agents within an organisation, based on predetermined distribution rules.

In this way, all callers can be routed to the most appropriate department and agent as quickly as possible.

Any call centre can benefit from an ACD system since it helps to manage call volume efficiently. If the call traffic is high and the call centre agents are busy or unavailable after hours, the Automatic Call Distributor is there to assist the callers.

How Does Automatic Call Distributor Work?

There are a few ways in which ACD call routing can work. Call distribution systems can be configured to consider incoming phone numbers, traffic volumes, call queue wait times, time of day, and the skills or departments needed on the receiving end. Upon calling in, the ACD groups callers according to the best department or agent to handle the issue.

An ACD is typically used in business organizations, such as hotels, hospitals, government agencies, and financial institutions to answer multiple incoming telephone calls efficiently.

What An Effective Automatic Call Distributor Can Do For Your Business

With the lack of the proper technology, busy businesses find themselves overwhelmed with incoming calls. In order for the call centre to stay organized, they need a software system that can handle backlogged calls and a growing number of frustrated customers.

In its simplest form, an ACD phone system allows you to answer customer calls faster. The tech’s job is to do that on a daily basis. If you approach ACD as a system that integrates into your CRM strategy, you’ll find that, as with any great assistant, answering phone calls is only one small aspect of her job.

ACD Features That Improve Your Business Performance

By integrating an ACD, you can increase the efficiency and professionalism of your customer service. In order to get the best results from your phone system, Berry Telecom automatic call distributor offers options with these helpful features:

  1. Customizable call routing
  2. IVR with smart directory
  3. Call queuing
  4. Queue callback
  5. VIP callers and blacklist numbers
  6. CRM integration
  7. Convenient interface

Both your clients and call centre agents want the same thing: to resolve their needs as quickly and professionally as possible. With an effective ACD, you can make the best possible impression and earn the trust of every customer who calls.

Interested in implementing an ACD that empowers your agents to do their best work? Try out Berry Telecom Automatic Call Distributor phone system today! Call 0330 222 0332 or email us at

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