Automatic Call Accounting

Automatic Call Accounting

Automatic Call Accounting

Automatic Call Accounting (ACC) is one of the most important features for business owners. It is a key part of the PBX operation that’s required to validate customers’ bills and alert administrators to fraud.

Automatic call accounting-enabled VoIP business phones from Berry Telecom gives you instant visibility into your entire phone system. It provides complete call accounting, and time management for business, government and school administrators. Know who made a call when it happened, and for how long. Always know what’s going on with your business.

What is automatic call accounting?

Automatic call accounting is a complete and cost-effective solution for organisations of any size. With easy to use tools, organisations are able to manage their calls effectively.

ACC helps you to control calls and better manage your customers’ needs. With ACC software, you can keep track of calls and get reports on costs per time zone, cost per user, or call duration.

This helpful feature records call length, time, date, number of calls and other information. You can then generate reports from these statistics to perform billing or cost-saving analysis of individual phone activity.

Berry Telecom’s business phone solutions with ACC includes sixty days of phone records, has wireless capability for up to fifty handsets, and is available with both monthly charge and flat rate plans.

Key features

  • Creates multiple levels of phone directory groups to easily locate available staff.
  • Saves thousands per month in call charges with automatic call accounting including: Calls made, calls received, total duration and number of calls handled per day, weekly totals and monthly totals with cost per call by staff member and by extension.
  • Prints reports instantly by category: Accounts- Receivable Reports- Payroll Reports.
  • Runs reports on usage patterns to identify costly anomalies and ensure cost-efficient operations.
  • Helps users set automatic notifications via email or pager when specific criteria are met, such as a high percentage of dropped calls, or long talk times per day.
  • Adds prepaid cards for secure transactions while complying with government regulations.

Importance of automatic call accounting to businesses today

Manual data collection is inefficient and takes too long to generate reports. Our ACC-enabled business phone system eliminates time costs in collecting information and gives managers the ability to analyse call data with on-demand reporting.

ACC allows you to have a log of all calls. It includes caller ID, date and time of call, duration of call, numbers dialed, and your pounds amount earned per client. Berry Telecom’s ACC system is extremely user-friendly and allows for fast setup. We will customise it to fit your business needs as well.

Automatic call accounting gives you potent insight into which calls are valuable, which aren’t and how to get the best return on your communications investment.

You can also customise the reporting to your business needs so you can take action on what’s most important to you. All the call data is kept securely in one database with automatic backup at least once a week.

Get in touch with Berry Telecom on 0330 222 0332 or email us at to get advanced business phone solutions with ACC ability for your business today.

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