Automated attendants

What is Auto Attendant

Automated telephone systems allow businesses to handle incoming calls efficiently and direct callers to the most appropriate department using a menu system.

Calls are transferred through an interactive voice response system (IVR), where callers select department numbers from a touch-tone keypad or by speaking them.

Auto-attendant scripts include information about business hours and addresses for callers. Alternatively, you can speak directly with a receptionist or customer service agent by using voice prompts or pressing 0 on most auto attendant systems.

A virtual auto attendant reduces customer frustration by connecting the right person to the right time. In addition to helping businesses run efficiently, their call centres direct customers to the right department – no more frustrating transfers because an employee is unable to answer the caller’s question.

Having an auto-attendant is beneficial to both the business and the customers.

Auto Attendant: Features

The auto attendant phone system performs a number of functions including:

  • Call answering by automated means
  • Transferring inbound calls
  • A greeting from the automated attendant
  • Dialling instructions
  • Directory with automatic dialling
  • Announcements about general business
  • Optional system menus

Auto Attendant: How it works

Automated attendants guide callers to the correct department with voice prompts. With VoIP phone systems there’s no need for answering service or receptionist. Using one of these systems can also help a receptionist cope with high call volumes. A hosted PBX or on-premises PBX can utilise this routing technology.

Receptionists can be overwhelmed by the volume of calls businesses receive. Automated attendants pick up the slack and make sure calls are directed to the right people or at the very least, left on the machine.

Despite auto attendants not being very complicated, they serve an important purpose: they ensure that customers don’t have to wait unnecessarily long on hold.

As a result, customer contact costs are also reduced. Using the platform for receiving incoming calls requires less assistance, and it allows businesses to run round the clock without interruption.

Also, an auto-attendant can handle more than one call at once, so there is no need to hire extra staff to deal with busy periods.

Auto Attendant: Benefits

Auto attendants (AAs) are one of the key features of a business phone system, especially if you receive a lot of calls. With an automated attendant, you will never need a receptionist or operator.

You can benefit from an automated attendant in the following ways.

  • Keeping costs low
  • Handling calls more quickly
  • 24×7 customer service
  • A high level of service consistency
  • Provide better customer service
  • Calls are transferred
  • Provides general information about the company

Automated attendants handle incoming calls in many businesses. You are likely to have encountered it at some point when contacting various organisations.

Automated attendants today can direct calls to mobile phones, VoIP phones, landlines at other locations, or to other automated attendants. Callers and business owners can both benefit greatly from this.

An auto attendant will maximize the efficiency and productivity of your business by taking care of the customers.

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