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Business Phone Systems for the Legal Industry

Whether you are operating from an office, the courts, or your home, Berry’s Ericsson-LG business phone systems offer you the flexibility to always manage your calls professionally no matter where you are. Key features of the iPECS system will help to keep your business compliant with GDPR regulations and if you’re billing by time, you can be completely transparent and accountable to your clients.

Key Features of the Ericsson-LG iPECS system for the Legal Industry

Contact Popping

Perfect for existing clients. Have the caller’s details on screen, before taking an incoming call. Know who you are speaking to, and have all their information in front of you, for seamless and professional call management.

Berry's Mobile Phones and Call Plans

Berry offer a wide range of mobile contracts. You can have the latest handsets, with as much data as your require, and keep all your bills under one roof. Berry can help you with:

  • Trade-ins
  • All the the latest devices available
  • O2 and Vodafone networks covered
  • Berry’s Mobile Application
  • 24 or 36 month contracts
  • Personal service with our in-house Mobile Specialist

Berry's Mobile App

Integrate your mobile phones into your main phone system

Whether you are in the office, on the go, or working from home, you never have to miss a call. With the UCS mobile app, your phone or laptop becomes an extension of the office phone system, so you can transfer calls seamlessly between the mobile and office, call record, and even video conference.

On Hold Marketing & Music

Berry can arrange a bespoke script, coupled with the right music and voice. On hold marketing is a great way to promote your brand, products and services. Guide callers to your website, special offers, or positive reviews of your service.

Call Logging

Perfect if your business charges for time on the phone with clients. At the end of the month just enter the relevant phone number and the system will breakdown the calls you’ve made to it, enabling you to simplify your billing processes.

Legal Industry Case Study - Wayman and Long

Wayman & Long is a long-established legal firm, having served Sudbury and the surrounding area since 1840. It offers a broad range of services, specialising in agricultural and rural affairs, and have two offices in the local vicinity. Having just moved to larger premises, they decided to upgrade the business phone system to meet the requirements of a growing team.

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Our phone systems are suitable for

Legal advice firms
Citizens advice centres
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