Landline On Demand

Do you need a landline number that customers can call you on?

Berry's Landline on Demand service will set you up with a landline number that diverts to your mobile. Our virtual landlines mean you don't have to undergo the hassle of having a physical line installed at your premises.

As society gets more used to using Smartphones and the Internet, there is still a portion of people who like the comfort of seeing and using a local phone number. By providing your customers with a local landline number it gives the impression of longevity as your business has local premises. Customers are also only charged local landline rates for calling you too.

Someone using a mobile phone to call a business landline

Landline On Demand for £8.99 month

Berry will supply you with a working landline number that will divert calls straight to your mobile. You can choose from any geographic dialing code, so in effect you can establish a local presence for anywhere in the country.

Other features include:

  • Ability to re-route the landline to other phones if necessary, handy if you're away on holiday and need someone else to take calls.
  • Use an out-of-hours/voicemail service.
  • Use multiple geographic codes to extend your local coverage.
  • Using a new landline number means you don't have to use your home phone number for customers. This saves you from the children picking up business calls, or answering them at 7am on a Sunday morning.
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