The very latest in technology from Ericsson-LG

Berry provide, install a very wide range of handsets and headsets - the 3 handset options below are the most popular and are suitable for the needs of most businesses. Standard features of our handsets include:

  • Status indicators - find out which staff are engaged at a glance
  • In-built tannoy - page other handsets in the office, even when on the phone
  • Call pick up - pick up any other call
  • Call park - allows you to prioritise your calls
  • Divert - send your calls to wherever you are
  • Do not disturb - automatically routes calls to your voicemail
  • Speaker call

The Ericsson-LG LIP 9030 and 9040 - Our customer's most popular choice

You can view the short video below to learn more about the LIP 9030 and 9040, or read the handy Ericsson-LG LIP 9030 9040 Handset User Guide.

The Ericsson-LG LIP 9071 - Sophisticated touch screen design, perfect for the MD or CEO

Watch the short video below for an overview of the LIP 9071 or read our handy Ericsson-LG LIP 9071 Handset User Guide.

The Ericsson-LG LIP 9010 and 9020 - The entry level handset, covers all the basics

Watch the video below for a brief overview of the LIP 9010 and 9020, you can also read our handy Ericsson_LG LIP 9020 User Guide.

Berry's Mobile App - Use your phone system via your business mobile

Berry's office phone systems can also work across your company mobile phones. The UCS application for iPhone or Android means that mobile phones can work through the main phone system, enabling communication between your workforce to be seamless, transparent and cost efficient.