What is Unified Communications?

What is Unified Communications?

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications, put simply, is the merging of all your current communications tools into one user-friendly platform.

What tools are included?

This can depend on which Unified Communications system you install. Berry Technologies supply Ericsson-LG iPECS technology to our clients. The iPECS platform includes:

-       Voice calling with full PBX features, replacing your existing phone system.

-       Video calling for a more personal experience. This can be used on a desktop or mobile through an app, and is also supported by some desk phones, like the iPECS LIP-9071.

-       File sharing features help you quickly send files to your colleagues.

-       Screen sharing lets you demonstrate a feature or project you’re working on.

-       Instant messaging works with all other included services for a fully integrated experience.

-       Presence and status features let you set your availability, and see who is online across your organisation.

Why is Unified Communications better than my current system?

Unlike your current system, all the tools included with a Unified Communications platform work with each other. For example, if you’re on a voice call with a colleague on your desk phone, you can initiate a screen sharing session with one click in the desktop app. It’s this synergy that makes a Unified Communications system more valuable than the sum of its parts.

Since all tools are available to use through one user-friendly app, your colleagues are far more likely to use them, leading to greater collaboration and workplace productivity.

Isn’t all this technology expensive?

It’s a common misconception! We can see why you’d think that, given the power of Unified Communications. We prefer to think of it this way: currently, you pay separate companies for all your separate tools. That means you’re potentially paying to keep the lights on and maintain infrastructure at half a dozen different offices. With a UC system, you will only ever pay one business for all of your tools, saving a significant amount of money. So while the per-seat cost of UC is slightly higher than that of a traditional phone system, the additional features you receive more than make up for this.

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