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What is PBX?

PBX stands for ‘Private Branch Exchange’, it is an innovative phone solution and an effective and practical system for your business phone

needs. Private Branch Exchange, is a phone solution that includes a vast range of features, such as extension dialing, settings to route calls off hours, customer waiting queues, on hold music feature and an option for call conferencing. With the click of one button, you are able to set a professional tone of your business, applying features that the regular residential telephone line does not have access to. Connectivity to customers is essential for the growth and maintenance of your business. The traditional analog PBX phone system has been used to connect businesses to the outside world. There are a range of PBX systems today:

  1. IP PBX/ VoIP PBX - A system that is developed through an internet connection, delivering voice calls via the internet, more commonly known as VoIP.
  2. Hosted PBX - A hosted PBX is better known as the virtual PBX, hosted within ‘the cloud’ online.
  3. Premise-based IP PBX - A telephone system based within the office itself, is often set up within a telecom closet.

Each PBX system despite its setup offers a range of intelligent systems for businesses with good accessibility for account owners to control how the phone service will be used and can be extended for customers. This could include having the ability to add phones, extensions and relevant applications easily and effectively. Any incoming calls can be routed and PBX also has the capability to manage calls between both phones and faxes.