Your Security Depends On How You Use VoIP…

Consider the fact that your VoIP network will be working through the same Internet within the business that you use to send and check emails, share company information, etc. If you trust that network connection with that sensitive information, you can take comfort in trusting VoIP over the same connection.

Still, it’s important to choose the right connection. Make sure you’re using VoIP on a secure corporate Intranet, rather than a wireless network that anyone might be able to access.

VoIP is no longer “new” technology, but it’s still far more advanced than traditional telephony, and even more so than your cell phone. Is it also more secure than both of those options? Absolutely.

So, while there will undoubtedly be more security upgrades and changes to VoIP in the future, as long as you have a secure data network right now, it can be a stronger alternative to traditional phone systems within your business. 

Want to make sure your system is secure? Hire a professional to do a security audit. They’ll let you know if you have any areas of improvement that should be met before you decide to traverse into a VoIP system.