Is PBX digital or analogue

Is PBX digital or analogue

When it comes to PBX phone systems, this is one area where you should definitely research each product before selecting one.

The first concern is if it is digital or analogue.

What does that mean?

An analogue system is an older, traditional technology. It cannot compete with the features available in a digital phone system but provides decent quality for small business owners, who do not need all of the frills of PBX features.

PBX systems allow users to manage their calls on the go and on the inside — and they come in both digital and analogue options. Which one is better depends on what kind of business you run and who will be using it on a regular basis.

Analogue systems are great for companies that just want to make basic calls on their own numbers or make some additional ones via a DID line. Basically, it comes down to affordability – analogue PBX is more affordable than digital PBX. On the other hand, digital PBX is more suitable for large companies in the long range, as they give you many more options for routing calls, forwarding them to other locations or even diverting them via fax or voice mail.

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