How often should you upgrade your phone system?

To ensure continuity of your business and to avoid costly disruptions you will need to upgrade your phone system at certain stages.

Periodic evaluation is important to prevent malfunctions and loss of service that can cost time, money, and even customers. Many small or mid-sized businesses undertake a major consolidation move resulting in a unified central location, restructuring their workforce and a number of office sites being closed down. In these environments, a phone system upgrade is essential for operational success. However, it is also important to consider the logistics of getting employees from the different sites on board with your new unified phone system as early as possible so that they can begin to dial numbers as expected.

Here are a few instances where you will need a phone system upgrade;

  • Office/premises relocation
  • Failure of the current phone system
  • Customer, client, or employee complaints
  • Rising repair costs of the current system
  • Consistently increasing call volume
  • Your functionality demands grow
  • Taking on additional employees
  • Your business is operating over multiple sites
  • The current system cannot grow further

If you are experiencing any of these or other factors that are inhibiting your business growth, then it may be time to consider an upgrade in your phone system.

Whether your voice needs have changed through in-creased call volume, equipment failure, or updating business operations to support expanded operations or increased staffing levels, you deserve a capable and well-rounded phone system able to meet the needs for today, and capable of responding to potential future expansions.

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