Can I use a vanity number for my business telephone?

A vanity number also called a special number or pager-friendly number is an alternative telephone number that you can use in place of your real telephone number. A vanity number may be easier to remember and may make you appear bigger and more important than you really are (think big corporations who have that 0800 phone number). Vanity numbers differ from toll-free numbers in that they cost more to set up and they don’t include the 08/ 03 prefixes.

When choosing a phone number for their company, business owners must think carefully about the number to use, as this will have a big influence on the volume of incoming calls received, brand awareness, business reach, and customer service standards. A vanity phone number is an excellent approach to accomplish all of these objectives.

A vanity number is easy to remember and makes it possible to track all incoming and outgoing calls. A vanity number can be used as an additional landline telephone number for small businesses, replacing multiple numbers with only one.

Therefore, a vanity phone number is 100% legitimate and you can use it for your business, just as real as any other phone number you may possess. Whether you buy it through a traditional phone company or an online phone number provider, a vanity phone number is going to work just as well as any other.

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