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Commercial office phone systems come in many forms: from traditional landline phones to high-tech VoIP phones that use your computer's internet connection. The best phone system depends on your company's needs and budget.
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Office Phone Systems

Office phone systems are vital. Phone systems are a staple of the modern workplace. While many businesses still use landline phones, others have switched to a hosted VoIP or cloud-based system for convenience and flexibility. At Berry Telecom, we have traditional and IP based phone systems, PBX phone systems, VoIP hybrid, and cloud-hosted phone systems. Our comprehensive range of leading business phone systems can be put into a package to meet your exact requirements. 

As a trusted office phone provider for over a decade, Berry Telecom continues to build an unrivalled reputation for quality, reliability and cost-effective call billing. We stock a wide range of desk phones from the top manufacturers in the world, including Grandstream and LG.

To find out more about how we can help your company make the most of voicemail-to-email, call recording, remote working, and all other features of your office telephone system, request a callback, or get a quote today. 

What can an office phone system look like?

An office phone system refers to a group of telephones and components used for voice communication, between employees and customers of a business. Phone systems can provide video communication that is offered through internet connections. Office phone systems can be as simple as a two-line business telephone, or as complex as a digital PBX with hundreds of lines and trunking capabilities. At Berry Telecom we do it all! We can help you!

Types of office phone systems

Are you unsure which office phone system is right for your business? Our range includes Cloud, PBX and VoIP systems, providing practical and cost-effective solutions for your everyday needs. Select the office phone system that best suits your business. We are here to help guide you through the process of choosing.

PBX phone systems

PBX systems are business phone systems typically that directly connect internal extensions between each other and to the outside world via analogue PSTN, ISDN or SIP channels. These business phone systems will often link multiple sites together using a private network. 

The PBX phone system can be used either as a hosted PBX or on-premise, giving you the flexibility to control where your business phone systems are run. Who has time for confusing technical jargon? Let us set up and install your PBX communication system for you and get everything up and running when it’s convenient for you. 

Some of your features include advanced auto attendant and call handling applications. It also has the ability to integrate with more third-party business software systems such as contact databases and CRM tools.

VoIP phone systems

If you are looking for an office phone system that is future proof and easy to manage and scale, then a VoIP phone system is your best option. Berry Telecom provides feature-rich VoIP phones systems with advanced communication features that allow you to work anywhere and at any time. 

VoIP Phone System offers a combination of power and simplicity delivered via the cloud, so there’s no need for expensive on-premise equipment. With a range of phones and plans to suit any business, you can rely on our fully-featured hosted VoIP phone system. Built for the cloud, it delivers everything you need to make and receive calls, send and reply to emails, IM and fax – anytime, anywhere. And our 24/7 free UK based support means you can speak to an expert whenever you need some help.

How can you benefit from out office phone systems?

A modern phone system connects your office to the outside world. It also creates an on-the-go extension of your business so you can answer calls even when away from your desk. These systems are ideal for businesses that have remote workers, nationwide offices, multiple local office, or with frequent travellers. To the right are the top reasons why you should consider upgrading to a modern phone system:

Office phone systems may be able to connect with (CRM) platforms, streamlining your entire communication experience. If your company has a CRM system, you’ll be able to check customer history, notes or inquiries and give them the best service possible. And with multiuser functionality, employees can collaborate on customer accounts

With the latest technology and a variety of customizable features, an office phone system can help you become more organized, efficient and productive. Whatever your business size and scope, a phone system provides your team with an array of essential communication features, including call forwarding and conferencing options. it is a valuable investment for organizations across all industries.

An office phone system is essential in any work environment. It can help increase employee productivity while fueling business growth. Office phone systems can be used to monitor employee productivity. Studies have proven that employees who know their calls are being monitored tend to be more productive and clients/customers tend to receive better service.  It is also feasible for employees to take instructions from their superiors without causing any unnecessary delays.

By implementing an office phone system, you can allow your employees to answer and make calls in a professional setting. This also allows customers to direct their calls to the right person without having to go through a secretary or receptionist. Some systems even have voicemail options that allow employees to check their own messages remotely.


If you have a small business or are working in a corporate environment that has many people, an office phone system can provide you with the opportunity to handle several calls at one time. Using your own personal phone to answer business calls isn’t always ideal.

One of the main benefits of an office phone system is that it helps you to create a professional identity, which is important for businesses at all stages. With a dedicated phone number and business phone system, you can look more established and reputable than if you were to use your personal mobile number. You can also selectively route calls, enabling you to choose which people have access to your mobile number. Furthermore, a virtual phone system ensures that even when the team is out of the office, there’s no break in the lines of communication, as calls can be diverted to individual mobiles or go straight to voicemail.

Which office phone features do we offer?

The best office phones are intuitive and offer seamless integration with other communication and collaboration technologies. For example, many of the new VoIP phone systems also connect to hard phones for traditional calling, desktop VoIP apps for computer-based calls, and instant messaging, mobile VoIP apps, video conferencing software, email, CRM systems, and more. At Berry we offer all the modern phone features available. We deliver the best technology available in the market.

Here are some popular features you will find in Berry Telecom office phone systems:,


Auto-attendant technology is designed to automatically answer and direct your callers. This can be invaluable in managing a fast-paced business. Your Berry system can be fitted with an ‘auto-attendant’, which answers inbound calls and greets callers with a welcome message. It can then play  a recorded directory of extension names or departments to allow callers to choose who they want to talk to, or it could direct them to dial specific digits, e.g. ‘press 1 for sales, ‘press 2 for support etc. An auto-attendant can be configured to transfer callers to the receptionist if they don’t know who they want to speak to.


We all know that meetings are essential to getting things done. So why not use video conferencing as part of your daily schedule to boost productivity and make better, more collaborative decisions? Our technology has  inbuilt conferencing capabilities. Setting up a conference call on your Berry Telecom office phone system is quick and easy, with just a few clicks of a button. You can several  parties participating in the same call from different locations, and our built-in network ensures each one is individually amplified – making life easier for everyone involved. 

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding allows you to send all the calls coming into your phone line to another extension on your telephone system. Call forwarding is popular on our office phone systems. It’s really easy to use and allows you to have incoming calls diverted to your mobile or another landline number; even to your home office if your are working remotely. The management of call forwarding can be done on a schedule or adhoc basis. 

Call Recording

Call Recording is an important feature of Berry Telecom office phone systems. It allows you to record, store, and distribute voice calls. You can search recordings by date, time, telephone number, or extension number. Many businesses can benefit from call recording, whether they want to use the recordings as a training tool for staff, or just have them available for reference. Recording is essential for compliance or quality of service management.

Hold Music

Hold music is a professionally recorded snippet of audio that plays to your caller when they are on hold. This lets the caller know that their call hasn’t been dropped, and it improves the perception of your business by them. Our office phone systems all come with an extensive range of high-quality hold music feature to choose from.

Phone Directory

This is a business phone feature that you can use to maintain track of your customers’ information. Think of it as a CRM. You’re able to search your virtual phone book to find a customer by name. You can then call them without having to look through your email for their contact information.

Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is all about simplifying tasks, connecting people, and improving how your business communicates. Put simply, it’s the glue that binds communication solutions together, so everyone in your business can benefit from advances in office and mobile technology; video and audio working seamlessly together to improve efficiency, performance, and to reduce costs.

Voice Bridges

Voice Bridges make it easy to connect two or more locations. Whichever office your customers call, they are connected to a single team on the same system, making it easier for them to get through to you and get a fast response. It means greater productivity and less waiting for staff to deliver messages between offices. Forwarding options can enhance the functionally to help you deliver exceptional customer service.


All of our phone solutions include voicemail with the ability to have individual voicemail boxes or share a single mailbox. These can optionally be configured to forward messages via email so you can access your messages from wherever you are in the world.

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Office phone system FAQ's

SIP trunking is a service provided by a communications service provider that uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to provide voice over IP (VoIP) access between an on-premises phone system and the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) uses circuit-switched telephony between two points for the duration of the call. In contrast, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses packet-switched telephony.

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