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With the right technology, you can keep your business moving forward.

Cloud Telephony, as an alternative to traditional telephone systems, can save you and your business money on monthly costs by eliminating the need for proprietary phones, expensive service contracts, and monthly maintenance fees. This can help you save up to 50% annually.

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At Berry Technologies, we provide cloud telephony services that deliver reliable and advanced features at budget-friendly prices. Our cloud telephony solution gives you voice, fax, visual voice messaging and a range of business-grade features and functionality on a flexible cost-effective platform.

Connect your business offices with a high-quality, cost-effective cloud telephony system

Cloud telephony is a convenient and cost-effective way to make and receive phone calls through a VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) system. There are many advantages of cloud telephony, including unlimited calling, free calls between users in a company, low cost for long-distance calls, real-time call monitoring, and advanced merging of calls into conference calls. 

This type of phone system is easy to install and offers an interface that users can get accustomed to quickly.

Cloud telephony has revolutionised the telecommunications industry. It is a great opportunity for business owners to focus on running their own company rather than managing complex networks. 

With cloud telephony, businesses can save a lot of money, reduce their carbon footprint and be environmentally friendly. The following article will provide insight on how cloud telephony works exactly.

Is cloud-based telephony right for my business?

If you run a small business or are in charge of communications for a larger organization, you might be asking yourself if cloud-based telephony is the way to go. When it comes to business, the advantages of cloud-based telephony are clear.

With cloud-based telephony, you can have your business’ phone lines run through the cloud. This means that your phone line is no longer plugged into your office’s wiring, but is instead connected to a broadband connection over the Internet. This is ideal for a small business, since it saves money on wiring and gives you the flexibility to take your business anywhere you need to go.

In addition, cloud-based telephony offers the convenience of a unified communications system. When you use cloud-based telephony, you have access to a number of communications solutions that allow you to communicate with your customers and internal staff through various channels, including voice, email, fax, and chat.

Benefits of Cloud Telephony

Replaces traditional phone lines

Cloud-based PBX systems replace traditional phone lines and delivers better functionality. In fact, it offers the benefits of saving a lot of money on equipment and hardware maintenance, increased productivity and call control, high performance and scalability, disaster recovery capabilities, mobility for users, support for multiple business locations and much more.

Fast setup and less maintenance

Cloud telephony offers many benefits including fast setup and less maintenance. The process of installing and deploying a cloud telephony system is more streamlined than traditional PBX. To deploy cloud telephony, you don’t have to worry about setting up a server or installing plenty of equipment. All you need to do is sign up for services, set up the phones and make some minor changes. You can be using the system right away. This means that your business will have an effective communication system without delay.

Plenty of management tools at your disposal

As your business continues to grow, so too will your contacts, and so too will the number of people you need to be able to contact. However, it can often be difficult to keep on top of this, particularly when you have several locations or have employees that work remotely. With cloud-based telephony, however, your company can take advantage of Call Reporting, Call Recording, multiple Voicemail inboxes and the ability to use services remotely on a mobile, alongside many other advanced features. You’ll also have a range of call management tools at your disposal, helping you to keep track of your relationship with the people that matter to your business.

100% redundancy

Businesses tend to suffer a lot due to unstable telephone systems. Switching providers is not always an option nor the best one. You need 100% redundancy if you do not want to risk losing customers due to technical glitches. Cloud telephony systems from Berry Technologies deliver 100% redundancy through multiple data centre locations for complete peace of mind.

Our cloud-based telephony products

At Berry Technologies, our cloud-based telephony products enable global telecommunications companies to deliver high-quality VoIP services and applications. Our technology consolidates complex network infrastructure into a turnkey software platform, designed to seamlessly run in their cloud environment.

We provide cloud-based telephony products that allow destinations to meet visitor needs in a novel and effective way. We work closely with our customers to create an exceptional experience for their customers.

Our commitment to you

You might think you’re always taken care of, but there’s a big difference between having good service and great service. We believe in the latter.

Professional Installation

Berry Technologies is a professional, full-service telecommunications company. We specialize in developing and installing customised cloud connectivity services for commercial clients.

Helpful UK based support

Our cloud telephony systems are designed to be easy to use, delivered as a service with the total cost of ownership proven to be less than traditional premises-based systems. Our support team is based in the UK and is available 7 days a week.

The right phone system for you

At Berry Technologies, we’re dedicated to helping you grow your business with the right phone system. Let us help you find the phone system that fits your business and your budget. We’ll even come to you and set everything up, as well as walk you through the process of using it. We look forward to hearing from you.


A hosted phone system is a service that hosts your business’s phone lines, call management, and voice communications in the cloud. Because of this, you can expand your company’s phone system across multiple offices and countries instantly, which makes it perfect for customers with multiple locations or employees who need to collaborate over long distances regularly. A hosted phone system can also provide you with extra features like voicemail to email transcription, cloud storage for recorded calls, auto attendants and more.

VoIP (Voice over IP) is a method by which telephone services are delivered via the internet, rather than by using wires or radio waves. The term “cloud-based VoIP” has emerged as the preferred way to refer to VoIP services that use cloud technology to host applications and provide seamless calls from desktop and mobile devices.

Telephony device refers to telephones that are used at home or in offices. This could be a computer, a smartphone or a phone stand (which is actually pretty popular these days). These devices aren’t exactly like they were when landlines were the only option – they’re more advanced, with way more functionality.

Cloud PBX is a virtual (or hosted) phone system that lets companies and businesses make or receive calls over IP connections. Because these systems communicate with VoIP, they can be run via the Internet — even if you are overseas. That’s not possible with a traditional telephone system that relies on physical PSTN lines.

A cloud phone is a mobile device that is not SIM locked and uses internet telephony instead of a mobile network (e.g. ‘traditional’ carriers like AT&T, Verizon, etc.). This means the service provider will not be charging you based on how much you use your phone — they charge you a flat rate and give you unlimited calling and texting to any number.

There are several facets to telephony, but to summarise, when a call is placed, it is routed through your network to your PBX. It connects with a succession of switches and ports to determine the endpoint of your phone call and to create a connection. Once this connection is established, a signal is delivered between the two endpoints to enable the audio of your phone conversation to be sent.

Telephony service is a general term for telephone services which are, today, commonly referred to as Voice over IP (VoIP). Telephony is simply the technology used to transmit a person’s voice from the point on one end of a telephone call to the point of reception at the other end of that call. Telephony service is then the act of establishing or altering a defined telephony connection in order to make and receive telephone calls, or to convey signals between points.

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