The perfect partnership to protect your business

Hikvision's innovative products coupled with Berry's industry leading support and expertise

Berry now supplies the Hikvision range of CCTV solutions to businesses across the UK. Hikvision is the world's leading brand for security products and solutions. As an authorised Hikkvision partner, Berry provides professional and customised solutions to meet the diverse requirements of our customers across a broad range of industries.

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Looking after your assets

Berry's CCTV solutions give you complete peace of mind and protection. Our perimeter control systems help businesses to protect their critical infrastructure, commercial sites, retail spaces, or any other urban or remote location. 

CCTV technology has evolved hugely in recent years, in addition to a traditional camera and monitor set up, our systems can also offer thermal network cameras, radar detection and alarm sensors. By partnering with Hikvision, we can provide the very latest in security technology but with the added benefit of local hands-on support from the Berry Technical Team.

Hikvision CCTV System Highlights

  • Sleek, stylish and discreet designs
  • Features that deter intruders before break-ins
  • Wired and wireless system options
  • Round-the-clock high resolution images
  • Intrusion and video technologies operate in harmony
  • Fewer false alarms by utilising the 'deep learning' range
  • Easy deployment and installation
  • Ongoing support from the Berry Technical Team
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