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We provide options, so you can choose and buy all three services, or just the one you need!

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Switch your phone calls, lines or broadband to Berry

Fed up with poor service and high prices?

Berry Telecom can provide you with you calls, lines and broadband – even if you don’t have a Berry business phone system.

Berry can provide you with all three services, or simply just the one you need. Due to the interconnecting nature of the three different services, if you choose Berry to supply all of them it can mean a much more hassle-free experience when trying to resolve issues.

Berry’s call charges are highly competitive, we pass on our preferential wholesales rates so you can enjoy cost savings. Almost 70% of Berry’s customers that choose Berry for their new phone system save on their service charges.

Berry’s calls are routed over the telephone network by a tier 1 carrier, which means you will get the highest quality calls, which is so important when running an efficient and professional operation. Berry will also provide support for your calls 24 hours a day.

If you would like Berry to take over your lines we usually can have this done within 10 days. A quick phone call to our Customer Service Team and we’ll take care of the rest. You don’t need to worry about changing business phone numbers too, Berry will ensure you get to keep all of your numbers. With Berry business phone line rental you can also easily choose new numbers including regional phone numbers, which is great if a particular geographical location is important to you.

Berry provides a range of business Broadband products depending on the needs of your office, we can provide Standard Broadband (ADSL – similar to what you’d have at home), Business Broadband (ADSL – with higher capacity than at home) or Fibre (highest speed and capacity). Berry’s business broadband is offered on a 12-month contract.

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