Berry's Call Manager

Manage the inbound calls to your business

If your Berry phone system operates on a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunk, you could manage your inbound calls and phone numbers directly from your computer. With a username and password, you can use our web based tool at any time to divert, manage and monitor the calls to your business. If you sign up for this feature before 20th April 2018 you will save 35% with our introductory offer.

If you're unsure whether or not your phone system operates on a SIP Truck, you will be able to identify this on your phone bill. If you are not set up on a SIP Truck, speak to your Account Manager who may be able to organise this for you.

Top Features of Berry's Call Manager

  • Divert Calls - Divert calls to another phone number, this feature is perfect if an incident such as bad weather prevents your team from accessing your business premises.
  • Directing Calls - Re-routing inbound calls if the line that is being calls is busy.
  • Email Notifications - Get an email alert if a call has been missed, ensuring efficient customer service and the effective management of sales leads.
  • Create Call Plans - Create a call plan for inbound calls which can be invoked instantly should it be required for example in the instance of a building evacuation.
  • Date Routing - Create date specific routing so that inbound calls are managed appropriately e.g. on Bank Holidays.
  • Call Manager App - Available for those needing to make changes to call routing while working remotely via their mobile device, perfect for those unable to access their PC.
  • Set Up Hunt Groups - Create serial, random, prioritised or simultaneous hunt groups to enable calls to be received by the most appropriate or available person.
  • Set Up Voicemail - Give your customers the option to leave a message.
  • Call Statistics - Get a detailed view of how efficiently your business handles it's calls. Data includes time to answer, call waiting times, call outcome and caller details.
Berry's Call Manager feature costs £10 per month for a minimum of 12 months. See terms and conditions here.

If you'd like to enable this feature on your Berry Account, please email

** Special Offer - Save 35% **

If you sign up before 20th April 2018, this service will be available at a special rate of £6.50 per month until the end of April 2019.