Should I buy a business phone or use my personal phones?

When choosing a phone for work, there are two major choices — a business phone or using your personal phone.

If you are a business owner, the last thing you want to think about is picking up your personal phone and having to deal with personal calls while at work. There should be no difference between your home and office, but there has always been a need for two separate phones just to handle personal and professional interactions.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, it may seem easy to justify the cost of a cell phone as a necessary expense. While it does become necessary to have a cell phone as part of your everyday life as a small business owner, you should think carefully before using your personal cell phone for your work needs.

What’s the Difference Between a Business Phone and a Personal Phone System?

A business phone system is a system of telephones that you utilise to keep your business flowing smoothly. This system can include landline phones, mobile phones, online virtual telephones and more.

It will have its own set of phone number(s) assigned specifically to your company. Whether it’s an 8-line office complete with fax/modem capabilities or a single line to maintain contact with customers, business systems are built for convenience and efficiency.

The modern business phone system is based on VoIP technology. A VoIP system takes the telecom components of a traditional business phone system and replaces them with software on a single hardware platform. A VoIP system commonly has many more features than a conventional telephone system, at a significantly lower cost.<?p>

A personal phone system is much simpler than this. It has fewer features that are less complicated and don’t need all the bells and whistles found in a business phone environment.<?p>

Why You Should Have Separate Phone System for Business and Personal

We live in a connected world where we use smartphones and tablets for work and play alike. After all, chances are you reference your email and calendar on your smartphone most days, and most smartphones offer the ability to connect with most social networks and instant message platforms.

While using your personal phone number (or cell phone number) for work can be convenient, there is a considerable risk in doing so. These include;

Work-Life Balance

Using your personal mobile number for work can cause disruption to your work-life balance, especially if you start to find WhatsApp messages from colleagues or even customers on your smartphone.

While this may seem harmless, receiving a message from a customer at a private phone number means that you could be receiving their private data in a public domain. While you may feel that you have a good system of notifications and alerts from your company, there is always the danger of being distracted from emails or work calls by WhatsApp messages.

To Keep Work and Personal Calls Separate

It may seem like a harmless plan to use your personal phone number for both business and personal calls. But, did you know that the constant ringing of the phone may deter you from getting your work done? And, what if Miss Call-You-All-The-Time doesn’t actually call you all the time?

This can lead to open-loop anxiety where you’re waiting for her call while trying to get other work done. To prevent this, consider setting up a secondary or office line that can be used exclusively for business calls.

Avoid Negative Impact on Customer Relationships

Your customers will typically call your personal mobile phone number if they need help or want to speak with you at the company. Unfortunately, this can create problems if you are frequently responding to calls on your personal mobile as it would appear unprofessional.

Moreover, if you are frequently distracted by mobile phone calls at home, you may not be demonstrating the care and attention that is necessary to maintain positive customer relations.

To Maintain Privacy

A business phone number is a lot more than just a number. It represents your brand as well as your personal brand as you are the one who answers the phone. A number that you use personally has a lot of personal history attached to it and this interferes with your answering calls and doing your job.

Also, permanent damage can be done to your reputation if the number is mistakenly shared or is dishonestly used by someone else.

Are There Any Advantages Business Phone Systems Have Over Personal Phones in the Workplace?

Many business phone systems come equipped with several features that make them more beneficial for professional purposes. Two-way communication—employees can take advantage of simple two-way communication built into many business systems, whereas personal phones do not offer this feature.

Business phone systems also tend to be much faster than personal phones, allowing for better connections and clearer sound quality. These systems are also commonly equipped with call screening, so you can decide whether or not to accept a call before it goes through.

Below are more advantages business phones have over personal phones in the workplace.

A work phone helps you present a professional appearance

If you want to give the impression to your customers, employees and colleagues that your company is legitimate and trustworthy, one of the best things you can do is to ensure that all of its employees have a professional business phone. Having a PBX installed will mean that you and all other members of staff always have access to a landline should they need to call an emergency service or other trusted contact should they feel unsafe.

A work phone helps you maintain a level of professionalism in your voicemail greetings and instructions

When you have a work phone, you have the option of setting up your business voicemail system with a greeting that states the company’s name or asking callers to press 1 for sales or 2 for customer service.

An officially designated work phone assures clients of your authenticity

As a professional, you’ve built your business one client at a time, working hard to earn their trust and attention. Your business depends on it. As a result, so does your business phone system.

Business-class phone systems offer enhanced security and monitoring features to ensure calls are coming from your company and can always be traced back to you. With greater security comes greater peace of mind, which is the ultimate advantage that business phone systems offer over personal phones in the workplace

Having a dedicated work phone speeds and simplifies business interactions through automation

Business phones enable you to be more efficient and effective by allowing you to consolidate phone numbers on one device while simplifying calls through automation. Designed for optimum comfort and ease of use, business phones are packed with advanced features that ensure your success.

A dedicated office smartphone can help to protect your company’s IT systems

Whether you answer or make calls, having a business phone is standard in well-run businesses. When you utilize your personal cell phone to complete work-related tasks, you put your company at risk for costly data breaches and hacking attacks.

Not only can viruses and potentially damaging spyware be transferred to confidential company documents, but the personal credentials stored in your device will also be accessible to hackers when they hijack your phone.

A work phone helps you to manage your call credits and data plans

Business phone systems can not only replace your fax machine and telephone system but also save you the time and headache of managing individual employee phone bills. Instead, business phone systems provide a central location to maintain all phone accounts and features, which means that employees do not need to worry about ever-changing work extensions and service credits.

Business phones also support strong encryption and security features that allow you to safely and securely share business data in real-time without jeopardizing your data plans or exposing confidential company information.

Maintaining a business or work phone will help you reduce taxable income

Work phones are tax-deductible for business owners and make it easier to control costs. A shared phone system helps you reduce taxable income by indicating the cost of the shared equipment on your tax return, whereas personal mobile phones are not considered a depreciable asset.

Corporate Mobile Service Pricing

With an enterprise telephone system in place, it makes routing calls much easier. Once the device is configured, all you have to do is press a button to transfer your call. This means it operates more quickly, effectively, and efficiently.

It also means that your company can save money because you are not paying out-of-pocket for long-distance calls when you need to communicate with someone in another office or in another country. With enterprise calling systems in place, you can cut costs by using less expensive local calls instead of expensive long distance calls.

Having a personal line separate from a work phone helps avoid damage-related outages

A business phone system gives employees a reliable way to connect with each other as well as business partners and customers. It can be a lifesaver for companies of nearly any size, especially those with employees working from multiple locations or travelling frequently for business.

Personal phone lines often have some kind of outages at one time or another, whether from natural disasters or from power outages.

It Protects Your Personal Online Privacy

A business phone system enables you to keep your personal information protected. All of the employees of a company can have their own extension number instead of sharing one single number. This way, only the person who is physically working at the location will have access to the phone system.

Since there is no personal contact information being shared, your online privacy will be protected, keeping you safe from potential hackers or other intrusive endeavours by people trying to get into your personal life.

Which is the Best Business Phone Service for You?

If you are a business or a start-up company looking out for a reliable provider of Business telephone services, then this is the one that is going to be the ultimate answer to all your problems. There are many providers in the market boasting high-quality services but if you really want a flawless service then it becomes a challenge to find the right one.

A good business phone service provider should offer more than just features, they need to provide quality service with flexible billing options in addition to stability in their connectivity.

The best business phone service providers will be transparent about the terms of service and not ‘nickel and dime’ you for price increases you can’t control. They’ll also offer 24/7 technical support and customizable wireless solutions.

A reliable phone service provider should offer all these qualities, without which your business call suffers from incomplete implementation.


After careful consideration, you will likely find yourself deciding that a business phone is worth the investment. Your contacts will be more easily accessible, meetings will be easier to arrange, and no one will have to wait around for you to find your cell phone.

With so many options available today, taking the leap into business phone ownership does not have to be difficult or fear-inducing. Who knows? Maybe an effective business phone can change employee attitudes and ultimately employee behaviour, boosting productivity across the board.

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