Setting up Homeworking Infrastructure

With the inevitable move to more homeworking following the pandemic, it’s vital that companies have the infrastructure set up so that integrated communication can continue. Remote working means more than just being able to talk internally within an organisation and talk to customers. It means being able to utilise the CRM and access the relevant information required to do business from a remote location.

Setting up a telecoms infrastructure to facilitate homeworking

At Berry, we are experts at helping companies to enable a mixed remote and office working environment. We have the systems and processes available through the technology we bring to the table to make the process seamless.

With the evolution and improvement of cloud technology and the quality of home broadband these days, you can do just about everything that you could do from the office to any remote location these days. What’s important is that you have a system in place that integrates the way in which you do business.

We have both desktop and mobile-based apps, so your staff can utilise any technology to talk, log calls, interface with a CRM and much more. When your staff needs to videoconference, take sales calls, all customer service calls, or do a mixed job with multiple facets of communication requirements, we can provide you with what you need to get the job done and get the job done efficiently.

Contact a home-working telecom expert today!

To find out more about how you can improve the telecoms infrastructure that you have in place, get in touch with one of our telecoms experts today. They can help to assess the broadband requirements for the technology that you need. They can then recommend solutions that will help your business thrive and grow through the new working environment and trends that we have seen emerge.

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