Integrating VoiP Into Your Business

According to recent research, around one-third of businesses now use VoIP telephone e-services, with many of them being SMEs. With VoIP telephone services, the data is packaged via an Internet connection, and so the systems are flexible and able to be used in remote working situations.

Modern VoIP services utilise cloud-based systems to create unified communications and enhanced functionality for business telephone operators and the managers that track their performance.

The benefits of VoIP

VoIP provides easy scalability to cloud-based systems. You can scale both up and down by adding and removing licenses and integrating staff quickly and remotely into a central system.

Remote connectivity

With the ability to connect remote workers that spend some time working from home, all businesses that have people that work remotely around the world can integrate the staff into normal business processes and give them access to features, functionality, and customer relationship management software. VoIP facilitates business as usual even when people aren’t physically sitting in an office.


VoIP is easy to use and there are rarely problems with servers going down because the third-party hosting of the system takes care of everything. Uptime is guaranteed by providers and the systems and processes are cloud-based with easy-to-use interfaces that are built with user experience in mind.

Call quality has vastly improved

With VoIP systems, the main limit to call quality is the quality of the broadband connection on which the service is running. In the United Kingdom, broadband speeds have improved massively over the years, and even poor connections will generally have the bandwidth to provide good call quality.

Plenty of advanced functionality

VoIP systems these days can provide you with call forwarding, caller ID, call holding features, integration with a CRM and much more. In fact, VoIP can match the features and functionality of traditional PBX phones. VoIP can even integrate with chat and email to create seamless cross-channel communication, and with video integration, people can work remotely as if they were in the office.

Getting VoIP phones set up

Setting up VoIP is often as easy as downloading some software, unplugging, or connecting wirelessly to a broadband connection. Berry can help you get set up, integrating VoIP throughout your organisation, whether you have five staff or 500. We can plan what licences will be required, and help you guide your employees on getting used to the applications that they need to interface with in order to utilise the functionality and technology to increase performance

If your business is at the stage where you feel VoIP is the way forward, get in touch with a berry Telecom expert and we will help you get set up and running. With so many businesses moving to Internet-based phone systems, it’s no longer a risky decision and has become a mainstream way of setting up telephony services in an organisation.

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