Business Phone Features You Can Get

Features of a Business Phone

At Berry, we have a number of different packages that contain superb features to help your business to function optimally. Our goal is to help you have everything you need in order to communicate internally and externally in an efficient, cost-effective, productive way.

On hold for music and marketing

We can provide you with on-hold music and marketing, with a wide range of actors available to record your scripts and deliver them through your telephone system. With hundreds of royalty-free tunes and easy ways to manage the auto-attendant and call queue messages, we can help you improve your marketing and engage with customers and other stakeholders.

Call recording and reporting

In many industries, it’s vital that you are able to record calls and report numbers either for internal performance and KPIs or for external auditing processes. At Berry, we are able to help you have all of the features that you need in order to track performance and remain compliant.

Handsets for your office

When you need handsets for your home office all for a branch network, we can help you get the right devices for your business. We have handsets across the spectrum, from simple cordless phones to complex video phones with incredible features and functionality. Speak to our experts if you would find out more about the range of phones, or take a look through the products we have available.

Click to call

Our systems are designed to enable you to click to call so that you can click on a website and call. This makes it easy to interface with online CRM packages or to do your research and phone directly from a website. This saves time and improves the telephone user experience.

Unified communications

All of your communications will work together whether you are interfacing through mobile or desktop applications, creating a truly unified experience and ensuring that your employees have flexibility in the way that they communicate.

Increased mobility

With the wireless features of our systems, all of your users can connect to the main system from whatever device they are using.

Whether you are looking for a phone system for hospitality and managing inbound calls, for hotels to manage hotel rooms, for a multiseat contact centre, or for a whole nationwide branch network, Berry can help you plan and install the right system for your business processes.

Speak to a Berry telecoms expert today

We have telecoms experts ready right now to take your call. If you need advice, guidance, or want a demo of one of our telephone systems, then fill out our online forms, get a quote online, or give us a call to discuss your needs.

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