A Business Guide to Cloud Phone Technology

Understanding what cloud telephony is

A cloud telephone service uses the Internet to facilitate unified communications. It is also known as cloud calling or cloud telephone services and is run by a third-party host. Essentially, cloud computing is a form of VoIP PBX system where calls and messages, as well as videoconferencing, pass through the Internet. The data gets packaged and passed much like videos streamed online.

There are a host of collaboration tools that nibble together on a unified communications infrastructure, such as Microsoft teams and any CRM system or Google suite product that you need to bring to the table. It can help you improve the customer experience by providing you with all of the tools to streamline your business communications and work at scale. Additionally, if you have remote employees or hire remote staff on a contractual basis, cloud computing can provide you with a downscale ability to keep your business agile.

So how exactly does cloud telephoning work?

Cloud telephony works in the same way as VoIP services, converting signals from analogue into packets of data and transmitting them through your Internet connection. The data is routed through the third-party cloud provider to enable high-quality calls or videoconferencing over your Internet connection.

With cloud telephone, you don’t need all the expensive PBX systems, and you don’t need to manage the private branch exchange either. You can use web-based applications and can utilise just about any device to communicate internally within your organisation and with external stakeholders. That means you can use desktops, mobile handsets and Internet phones.

Normally, the systems are rented where you pay a monthly charge and that incorporates all the licences for full communication with no additional fees per minute. You can save money on infrastructure that you would normally have on your premises and on the calls themselves as well.

With a cloud telephone service, everything is managed in the cloud and you can have complete control through your online portal so that you can manage extensions, telephone numbers, and call routing from one simple interface.

Have Berry help set you up with cloud telephony

At Berry, we are experts at providing you with the systems and processes you need to set up cloud telephones and work in an integrated way from wherever you are. When you need a branch network setup on the cloud, have homeworkers, or have any other business structure that requires seamless communication, our experts can get you set up fast.

It’s easy to implement, simple to use, cost-effective and provides you with the mobility and flexibility you need to increase productivity on a reliable and secure telephone system.

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